March 2018

Say Hello to Our April Site Artist!

Julia M. Usher
Super HUGE thanks to @Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. for sparing us all the tedium of having to see my stenciled cookies in the banner and backdrop again this month! And for sparing us with such a marvelously whimsical banner in her signature story-telling style . . . They're an absolutely adorable pair, aren't they?! As you probably know by now, Ryoko is a veteran site submitter, having already been featured a few times. So in lieu of doing another Cookier Close-up with her this month, I'm...Read More...
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Going Organic and Beyond!

Hey! My first post here so hopefully I'm in the right space. I've been an on-again off-again cookie decorator for probably around 6 years or more. I'm ready to take it up a notch and start working on a business. Though practice is the main thing I need right now, I'm also in desperate need of business planning, pricing, etc. In any case, where I've decided to start is ingredients, and I would absolutely love to make my creations as organic and humanely sourced as possible! While costco...Read More...
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Alternative to Kopykake?

Kathy Andersen
Hi! Has anyone tried projecting a design on a cookie with a smaller projector like a Pico? Just wondering if it is really necessary to spend the expense of a Kopykake if similar results can be achieved. I know there is a post about building your own Kopykake. Wouldn't it be possible to send an image to a pocket projector and do the same thing? What am I missing?Read More...
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Heads Up! CookieCon 2018 Tickets Go on Sale Tonight!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! The following update is just in from Karen and Mike Summers, organizers of CookieCon . . . CookieCon 2018 tickets and add-on (pre-CookieCon) workshops go on sale this evening (March 14, 2018) at 7:00 pm MDT . At that time, please visit , and click on the registration link at the top of the page to purchase your ticket! To see some tips and a video about how to register, click here: To read more about CookieCon and to...Read More...

Sorry Again - No Saturday Spotlight!

Julia M. Usher
So sorry - again! When I wrote last week's post alerting you to no Saturday Spotlight last Saturday and mentioned that I'd resume this week, I forgot I would be in an all-day class today with another all-day one tomorrow. I was also awoken at 5 am the day before yesterday due to a fire alarm in the hotel (!), and then, last night, I had to change hotel rooms at 1 am because someone in a nearby room was smoking and all the smoke was getting sucked into my room through the bathroom vent. So...Read More...
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Starting a Cottage Food Business - Help Needed!

Can someone outline the steps to start a business using cottage food law? I understand that is the key to cookie business. Julia, in one of your blogs, you stated: "I will take a two-pronged approach with this blog. The first will consist of the mechanics and the second will be mindset. The mechanics part will include technical and practical information and advice on how to build a successful cottage sweets business, such as how to create a clear vision for the kind of a business (volume)...Read More...
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No Saturday Spotlight Tonight

Julia M. Usher
Hi, gang! So sorry, but I am in the height of prep for several spring classes, one of which is early next week, and I simply don't have the time for the Spotlight this week. I hope to resume next Saturday, March 10. Thanks for understanding, and have a great weekend!Read More...

Thank You

One evening of two years ago (Nov 2015) I found Julia M. Usher’s videos and discovered royal icing to decorate cookies. That evening I kept watching the series of her cookie decorating videos and the next days I caught up with all of them. I had so much to learn! I then found out Cookie Connection and signed up: that was the beginning of my cookie journey. I couldn’t have imagined to start writing my own tutorials for the site one year later. Surely I couldn’t have never imagined that two...Read More...
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Easter Stencil Sale Alert!

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Julia M. Usher
Heads up! A ll Easter stencils on my partner Confection Couture Stencils ' site are 25% off through March 15. This sale includes my Easter-themed Prettier Plaques TM and Dynamic Duos TM sets! Just use the coupon code EASTERSALE at checkout. Enjoy! Here's the direct link to our Easter stuff: https://confectioncouturestenc...ions/easter-stencilsRead More...
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