May 2016

Practice Inventory - What to Do with It?

Ms. K
Forgive me if this seems like a strange "I should already know" question, but as you all practice, to whom or where to you give all of your practice inventory? How many practice cookies at a time are you using? I find myself making at least a dozen per practice, usually only doing 3-4 cookies each decor? I'm home-based, but do not have a lot of business, so I need to watch how my product is used. Any suggestions would wonderful. Thank you Charlette Ms. K's Goodies N ThingsRead More...
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Introducing Our June Site Artist!

Julia M. Usher
Yes, it's that time again to update the site with new artwork - specifically the June winning entry from Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #13 ! I always find it cathartic to write these posts; for me, they're akin to a light, but healthy housecleaning (operative word is "light"). Things always look a bit brighter and fresher after the artwork change, yet all I need to do is a simple upload. The winning artists did all of the "heavy work" by creating these banners and backdrops in the first...Read More...
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Gluten-Free Cookie (and Icing) Recipes

Cookies Fantastique by Carol
I've received an order for 3 dozen cookies, 1 dozen of which need to be gluten-free. After doing some online research, I was in a conundrum since the pictures showed cookies that didn't look to be very flat for decorating. Does anyone have a great cut-out cookie recipe for gluten-free cookies? Regarding royal icing (RI): Is meringue powder gluten-free or would I need a different recipe for the RI? (Maybe egg whites would work?)Read More...
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Lettering Help - Transfer vs. Direct Piping?

Hi, fellow cookiers! Just wanted some advice on how to approach these cookies (*see inspiration picture attached and below; can't find original source). Should I make transfers of the red and attach to the blue then outline with white, or pipe the red and white directly onto the cookies? Worried about the strong colours bleeding. Has anyone made something similar with tips you can offer? I really want the colours staying clean! Cheers, KimRead More...
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Two "New" Craftsy Cookie Decorating Classes!

Julia M. Usher
Actually, I'm not sure how completely new these classes are, but they're new since I last looked at the Craftsy site, which was probably a few months ago. In any event, they look colorful and fun, and perfect for the beginner to intermediate cookie decorator. Simply click on the "More Info" links below to be taken to more information on the Craftsy site. (Y ou'll also find these images/links in the "Resources" area of this site, under "Online Classes", and in the right hand column of many...Read More...

New Food Coloring Survey: We Want Your Input!

Julia M. Usher
In preparation for our next Toolbox Talk , all about food coloring, Liesbet and I would like to better understand the types and brands of food coloring used for different cookie decorating tasks (i.e., tinting icing vs. painting) and why, and if there are any geographical differences in these preferences. As with our recent meringue powder survey , these results will fuel the building of a broader Cookie Connection database designed to understand usage of a wide variety of decorating...Read More...

Announcing a New Tutorialist!

Julia M. Usher
Tutorialist?! Hmmm . . . well, perhaps I did make up that word. Anywho, I have some great news for you! I'm thrilled to announce that Laegwen , aka Leoni Eckart, has officially joined our Cookie Connection contributors team as of this month. After she submitted two outstanding decorating tutorials to the site two months in a row, completely unprompted and out of the goodness of her own heart, I decided to see if she wanted to get a formal Cookie Connection title in exchange for all of her...Read More...
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120 Healthy Cookie Ideas!

Forum: Books
Hey guys! This book is free on Amazon until May 9th. True Health Publishing's collection of healthy cookies. At the moment, it's the most downloaded free book in the cookie section of Amazon. You will surely find some new cookies to add to your collection by reading it. Please enjoy! Click HERE to get to the book's page.Read More...
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Okay, so they're not literally posted everywhere, but pretty darn close! Some of you have mentioned that the rules for the current Practice Bakes Perfect challenge are hard to find, so I rearranged things to make them (hopefully) easier to locate. (This means you all have to read the rules now before entering our challenges! ) Here's where you can now find quick links (buttons) to them, and on what devices: On all devices : In the right hand column on all Clips and Blog pages. Just click on...Read More...

June Live Chat with Honeycat Cookies!

Julia M. Usher
In June, we continue our series of live chats with those 2015 Cookiers' Choice Awards finalists we haven't had the pleasure of live-chatting with yet. Next up is Cookie Connection 's very own Honeycat Cookies (aka Lucy Samuels), finalist in the Cookier of the Year category and also a recent winner of our Milestone Award for her outstanding contributions to this site! (If you aren't familiar with her regular What's New, Honeycat ? blog feature, please check out her treasure trove of past...Read More...
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