June 2016

Cookies Bending as the Icing Dries!

Cookies Too
I recently made sample California-shaped cookies for a client. They are simply flooded with one color of royal icing (RI) and then a tiny heart over San Francisco. When the cookies dried, they were slightly warped upwards on each end . . . not perfectly flat like they were when I iced them. I'm going to experiment with a thinner layer of icing but other than that I don't know what to do! Any ideas and experiences like this? I need help ASAP. I'll be preparing 300 of these cookies beginning...Read More...
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Hello, Everyone, from Australia!

Too good to cut - Cake Decorating
Hello, everyone, again. Well, this has been a long time in the making. I have been following Julia on YouTube for a very long time. I love her work so much; it's just so neat and perfect and gorgeous! And one day I hope to be half as good as her (haha)! I have always heard Julia mention her blog Cookie Connection , but never thought anything else of it. "Yeah, I'll check it out one day," I'd think to myself . . . and well that "one day" is now, well tonight . . . way past midnight on a very...Read More...
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Cake Masters Magazine Awards Nominations - Open on Saturday!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! One final, quick pre-vacation announcement: Cake Masters Magazine announced today that nominations for their 2016 awards, which include a Cookier of the Year honor and also one for your favorite educational site, will open tomorrow, Saturday, June 25, 2016. I don't yet have a link to the actual nominations page, but I encourage you to check back to the Cake Masters Facebook page for updates. I also encourage you to nominate your favorite cookiers, and - if I can be so bold - to cast...Read More...
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Introducing Our July Site Artists!

Julia M. Usher
Well, this month is a tad unusual (in a good way), because rather than having one featured site artist, we've got two! Yes, two: Laegwen and Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. ! You see, when it came time to select the July winner of Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #13 , I just couldn't! I was equally smitten with each of these cookiers' entries, though for somewhat different reasons, and so, after several hours of racking my brain to come to a single selection, I simply gave up and decided to honor both.Read More...
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How to Make Feathers?

Baby Gabey Cookies
Hi, friends. My cookie project for this coming week is swans and swan masks. I want to add some fun dimension to the cookies in the form of feathers, but being somewhat of a novice in cookie design, I don't know how best to achieve this. I would love any suggestions, links to tutorials, or helpful techniques. I am eager to learn. Thank you.Read More...
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Hi, all! I just wanted you to know that I am taking a long overdue vacation, starting on June 25 and returning on July 7. During this time, I am going to do my best to stay off the computer, which means off Cookie Connection as well. I really need some time to recharge and to think about things other than cookies and cookie-related commitments. So, that being said, there will be no Saturday Spotlight on June 25, and quite possibly none on July 1 either. Before I leave, I will swap in new...Read More...
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Help Needed with Understanding Cookie Tools!

Forum: Tools
Hello . . . my head is reeling from too much info! I want to get moulds, etc. for making cookie toppers but can't understand the differences between moulds, onlays, gumpaste cutters, silicone mats, etc. etc. I saw some cookies made by Bubolinka at another cake decorating site . . . I want to make toppers like hers. Where do I get the stuff from? How did she make those hearts? Do I need a fondant mat or only impression mats or texture sheets, embossed rollers, or silicone lace mats? And...Read More...
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What to Get from Where???

Forum: Suppliers
OK, I have quite a few questions and need answers quickly, thanks! (1) The flowers decorated on the cookies on this home page and in the back ground . . . are those royal icing, fondant, made from moulds or what? And if they are from moulds, where is the best place I can order from? (2) Also, I need site addresses where I can order cutters and plaques, etc. (3) I see so many beautiful cookies, especially with bouquets, etc. Again, what all do I need to make those cookie, i.e., cutters or...Read More...
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Announcing Two New Live Chats!

Julia M. Usher
Hey, gang! We've got some great chats scheduled for July and August, so please plan to attend or post your questions in advance. The first one is a two-hour Sweet Sharing chat (July 17, 9 am CDT), focused on perfecting your color palette, with one of Cookie Connection 's crowd favorites - mintlemonade aka Cookie Crumbs , or in, real life, Noriko Forster. Noriko, who hails from Tokyo, Japan, is a relative newcomer to cookie decorating, having iced her first cookie in 2012. But she's quickly...Read More...
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I started working with a party planner that creates mock parties for photo shoots a few months ago. She actually ordered cookies for her son's birthday and paid, but said she had a photo shoot coming up and would like a donation. I donate cookies in exchange for professional photos and exposure. But I can see now on her personal Instagram that she is actually using them for her other son's birthday! I guess as long as I get pictures I shouldn't complain? But that seems a bit unethical. Thoughts?Read More...
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Packaging without Plastic

Biscoot Factory
Hello. I am from India and recently plastic has been banned here (I agree with the decision). I used to pack decorated cookies in sealed cellophane bags, so that they don't go soft soon, but now I am wondering what to do! If anybody has any alternate packaging ideas, kindly let me know. Also how can I pack them in craft paper bags without the paper getting oily? Please help. Thank you.Read More...
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Did you know that your Pinterest account (if you have one) can now be integrated into your Cookie Connection member profile? (Okay, so this is a trick question, because there's no way you could have known this juicy tidbit until this announcement! ) About a month ago, the tech guys at Hoop.la did another site upgrade to allow for this functionality, and it took me until now to get it working properly . . . But here's what it's all about: Once you integrate your Pinterest account, you can do...Read More...
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Casting Call - Food Network's Spring Baking Championship

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I'm forwarding on information about yet another casting call - this time, for the Food Network's Spring Baking Championship. All I know about this show/casting call is contained in the image below. Oh, and the application form can be found here . Best of luck to all who apply!Read More...
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I have a strange order!! Mason jars, army green on the bottom, fading up into lavender at the top!! Oy. Any thoughts about how to achieve this? I'm not sure if I should just do RI and somehow "paint" the middle section where the two colours meet, or if I should use my airbrush, or a combination of the two. Help! Thanks, CariRead More...
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Online Cookie Decorating Classes with Dolce Sentire

Dolce Sentire
I’m really happy to announce that my online cookie decorating classes are available for you starting today!!! You can enjoy them on Escuela de Tartas site. With these online classes, you will learn a lot of techniques: 3-D cookies, handpainting, crackle, wood and embossed effects, dimensional piping (2-D royal icing technique), textures, and much more! Moreover, you can see the HD videos as many times as you want, whenever you want, and access never expires. And the best of all: Buy both...Read More...
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Hayyyyyyyy, cookie people! I have a new Craftsy class launching this month. If you'd like to enter to win the class free, you can do so at ButterWinks.com! The class deals with cookie pops, bouquets, and cookiescapes. I will also have links available for those who may have blogs or sites dealing with cookie decorating and would like to do a spot on the class as well!Read More...
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Hi, all! First, my apologies if you received a weird email from me last night suggesting that you hadn't visited the site in over 90 days and you had! I got the same email too! Please ignore it if it does not apply to you! As you may or may not know, there was a major upgrade to the site last week that gives me the capability of sending automated messages to members under certain conditions - sending messages to lapsed members is one of those conditions. I tested that setup last night, and,...Read More...
Sorry for the last-minute notice, but I too just found out that Cookie Connection will be down today, June 1, for about 1 hour, sometime between 1 pm and 5 pm Eastern. The reason for this downtime is to install a large upgrade, which provides admins (basically me) with a way to be more responsive to various activities on the site. So, for instance, I will now be able to write little programs to automatically do certain things at certain times - like congratulate people on their first posts...Read More...