July 2016

Adding Meringue Powder to Royal Icing to Speed Drying?

Okay, all . . . I was just sitting here with my mind wandering about icing, since I have a batch of cookies patiently waiting for me. I use Julia's RI recipe with pasteurized egg whites. It always turns out just dandy for me, howeeevvveeerrr . . . I am wondering what would happen if I added say about 2 tablespoons or so of meringue powder. No water, just meringue powder. Since that's what makes the icing harden (I think), wouldn't it make it harden a bit faster? Has anyone tried this yet,...Read More...
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Where to Purchase Meringue Powder in Bulk?

Forum: Suppliers
Does anyone know where I can purchase bulk meringue powder? I am down to my last pound of Henry & Henry meringue powder. (I found out about Henry & Henry from Sugarbelle's blog.) I had purchased 15 pounds of it. I have searched and searched the Internet and cannot locate the 15 pound box of Henry & Henry meringue powder. I ended up purchasing two (1 pound) bags of CK meringue powder. Does anyone else purchase their meringue powder in bulk? f so, where do you purchase it and what...Read More...
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Transferring Images onto Cookies

Cookie Bakes & Cakes
I don't have a Kopykake, and I am for some reason having a terrible time trying to download the Camera Lucida app. Can anyone out there help a NEWBIE? I have tried to trace onto tissue and then bleed the design (this is not working). I was wondering how everybody else transfers an image? Please help . . .Read More...
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Say Hello to Our August Site Artist!

Julia M. Usher
All I can say is, "Phew! Where has the time gone this year?!" Somehow marking each month with new site art is like watching all of those hyper time-lapsed cookie videos that are so trendy right now - everything comes and goes with seemingly lightning speed! On the one hand, this situation is great - I love seeing all of our winning Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #13 entries* finally revealed on the site. But, on the other hand, there's barely enough time to appreciate the last glorious...Read More...
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Heads-up! Today is the last day to nominate your favorite cookier (and other sugar artists) for the 2016 Cake Masters Awards. They have several awards categories, which I've had the honor and pleasure to judge the last few years. The competition is stiff, but the rewards can be great! Here's the link to nominate ! You have just one opportunity to nominate, so make your choices wisely! P.S. If you love what you're learning here, please consider nominating Cookie Connection for their Best...Read More...
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Thank You to YOU!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I just wanted to relay a lovely note (excerpt below) that came to me last night from one of our newer members. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to know that newcomers are feeling embraced by this community, so I thank all of YOU who make this happen, day in and day out, through your introductory hellos, and words of advice and encouragement. This site was launched with the intent of learning and growing together, and expanding connections within the cookie community. In...Read More...
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Hello, I recently was watching videos on stenciling and imprinting on cookies, and I came across a video that showed royal icing being used to trace the dry and be used as an imprint on raw cookies before they are baked. Of course now it is nowhere to be found! LOL, can anyone help me? I would love to try it. Thank you very much for your help!!Read More...
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New Blog on Ann Clark Site - Superhero of Sweets!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, everyone, this post is part information about a new resource and part shameless self-promotion, so consider yourself forewarned! Ann Clark (you know, that famous US-based cookie cutter company) has launched a new blog and series within that blog called "Superhero of Sweets", where they aim to feature cookiers and other sugar artists on a regular basis. Their goal is to heighten awareness of our craft and those who contribute to it. I think it will be a great resource to members here,...Read More...
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New Craftsy Class from ButterWinks!

Julia M. Usher
Heads up! ButterWinks (aka Mallory Mae) recently released another Craftsy class on the subject of cookie pops and cookie scapes, and it looks pretty darn fun, folks! Check it out here ! And, remember, if you click on any of the Craftsy class links on this site and sign up, not only does the instructor benefit, but so does Cookie Connection . We receive a small referral fee for each new student we send Craftsy's way, and these fees, and support from our advertisers, are what allow Cookie...Read More...
Hi, all, just a quick update on my namesake cookie contest at Kerry Vincent's famed Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS) , September 30 (set-up day) to October 2, 2016. Just today, I upped the ante on prizes in "Julia Usher's Decorated Cookie Competition" to a grand total of $1,750 in cash , with $1,000, $500, and $250 going to the first, second, and third place winners, respectively. Challenges and contests are a great way to learn and enhance your skills (and perhaps earn a little extra...Read More...
Hello, everybody! After monitoring the latest challenge for the last few weeks, and noting your collective struggles with it, I have decided to revise the latest challenge in the following ways: The requirement that the entry specifically depict a "scene" has been eliminated. Entries previously submitted, but removed from the challenge for failing to meet the "scene" requirement, will be reconsidered . In order to have an entry reconsidered, please edit your clip to re-include " Practice...Read More...
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Small (2"x2") Gingerbread Construction

Icing and Spices
Hi! This is my first foray into 3-D construction, and I am attempting what will amount to a miniature open box, 2" x 2" on the bottom with most of the sides shorter than 2". I am using a standard gingerbread recipe (the one from "Cookie Craft" by V. Peterson and J. Fryer). Am I right in thinking that a small-scale box will be easier to assemble than a large one? Or is this a situation where working larger will help me?Read More...
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Site Downtime on Wednesday, July 20!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! My site guys (the Hoop.la/Social Strata team) will be doing routine maintenance on the systems that power Cookie Connection for the purpose of maintaining and improving the security and stability of our site. This maintenance is scheduled for Wednesday, July 20, 2016, from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) . During this maintenance window, there will be occasional site outages of up to 30 seconds. Cookie Connection will be functioning normally for the vast majority of...Read More...
Hi, all, so sorry - I had fully intended to do a Spotlight today, but I've been without power for the last three days due to a tornado-like storm that ripped through our area on Wednesday. Most of our yard is still littered with large tree limbs as you can see below. We were able to borrow a generator from one of my husband's work colleagues (silver and red thing in upper left of above photo), but it was only strong enough to power our refrigerator and freezer in the basement. My electric...Read More...
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Unable to Post Clips from Phone

Fernwood Cookie
Over this past week, I have had trouble or am entirely unable to post clips from my phone. This is how I've always posted to the site. Last week I was able to get it to work by closing out the website and re-opening it. Today, to no avail whether I re-open site, reboot my phone. It allows me to choose a file but never uploads it, just sits there unfinished, the uploading bar never turning green as per norm. Happening to anyone else? Suggestions? I can not post my PBP entries. Also, I am...Read More...
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Our Second Set of July Site Art Has Posted!

Julia M. Usher
In case you have blinders on (or haven't visited here in a while), I just posted our second July site artist's work: the soothing seaside scene that you now see in our banner and backdrop. This work was created by site contributor Laegwen (aka Leoni Eckart) as part of our Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #13, and replaces the equally gorgeous underwater scene by Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. (aka Ryoko Hayashi) that graced our site in the first half of the month. For more information about these...Read More...
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Hello! SUPER newbie here!! I am pretty sure it is just me, but I find navigating this site to be VERY confusing. I thought there might be a forum I could go to, to read and learn about decorating cookies. Are questions only held for 24 hours? I also would love to know where everyone finds the incredible cookie cutters!! The shark cutters are wild! SO hard to find something for "older" boys . . . this might be it. Is there a place to go to where there are cookie discussions at night? I know a...Read More...
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Dough Sheeter Recommendations?

Forum: Tools
I am looking for a table top dough sheeter that is easy to use and clean. I want to use it for my sugar cookie dough, as well as my shortbread. We do a lot of frosted sugar cookies at our store and want the thickness to be uniform. Does anyone have any experience with dough sheeters? Can you suggest a good one? In my research, I did notice that there are machines that not only function as dough sheeters, but as cookie droppers as well. This would be fabulous, and eliminate the need for...Read More...
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Hi, all, just a quick follow-up to my recent post about activity title and level changes that were made as part of the last major site upgrade in early June. As I noted in that post, activity titles (like "Nibbler", "Gnosher", "Gobbler", etc.) are a fun way that the site has of acknowledging your overall activity or participation on Cookie Connection . Before the upgrade, these titles appeared only in your member profile and in any comments you posted in forums and private messages. But now,...Read More...