July 2018

New Cookie Connection Merchandise!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I have a fun little announcement for you, which includes some goodies designed to make us feel even more like one big, happy Cookie Connection family! Long story short, I recently partnered with teespring.com and YouTube to bring branded Cookie Connection and JULIA merchandise to YouTube. I’m beta-testing the feature now with some cute Cookie Connection tees and other goodies. Right now, I've got two Cookie Connection tees that look the same from the front . . . . . . but which have...Read More...
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It's that time again for our monthly site makeoever, and - wowza - we have indeed been transformed, thanks to this generous and very summer-y contribution from @Gingerland, aka Berni Solti. I just love the perfect porcelain-like finishes on Berni's cookies, and the added depth and dimension she achieves through shading with an airbrush! Her cookie colors work wonderfully with the Cookie Connection logo too - an added plus! Thank you, Berni, for keeping our site alive with...Read More...
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September Pop-Up Help!

Hi everyone! I am a brand new cookier here I’m So. Cal. And I am going to be attending my very first pop-up event in September. I have no idea what I should offer in terms of purchasable sets. I was thinking back to school (maybe a last-minute gift for teachers), fall and maybe Halloween ones. I am not sure what to offer. Any advice, tips or tricks!! Thank you!! KristinRead More...
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2018 Cake Masters Magazine Awards - Nominations Now Open!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, everyone! As the graphic says, n ominations are now open for the 2018 Cake Masters Magazine Awards ! Once again, I have the distinct pleasure and honor of judging all of the sugar art categories in this illustrious competition. Please nominate your favorite artists now (there's a cookie category too): www.cakemastersawards.com/nominate . And since I am not judging the "Best Learning Experience" category, I'm putting in a shameless plug for Cookie Connection . If you like what you've...Read More...

A Second Live Chat in August! Woo Hoo!

Julia M. Usher
Our CookieCon live chat series continues with a second live chat in August! This time, it's with CookieCon keynote speaker @Anne Yorks of the wildly popular Flour Box Bakery . Anne is yet another cookie renaissance woman who has done everything from teaching online classes with Craftsy to running her own in-person classes and cookie bakery. So your questions for Anne can literally run the gamut! Anne's live chat is on August 25 at 10 am central , but her chat room is now...Read More...

Packaging Cookies for Store Sales

Felicia Nelson
I will be doing an online business real soon. There will also be a local store opening soon in my area, so I will be putting some of my cookies in the store. My question is: what is the best way to keep a cookie fresh for store sales? The size of the cookie will be 4x6 inches. The cookie will have royal icing on it. Can I wrap the cookie in a food-safe sealed plastic bag? Can it be refrigerated? I will be making them for the holidays, and they will be pre-ordered. Thank you.Read More...
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No Saturday Spotlight This Weekend!

Julia M. Usher
Heads up for those who did not see my notice at the end of last week's Saturday Spotlight . I will be in New York on personal matters this coming weekend, and therefore unable to post our weekend Spotlight as usual. Spotlight s will resume next weekend on July 28, 2018. Thanks for your understanding and patience.Read More...
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Removing Icing from Sides of Cookie

I wasn't sure if this is the right area for this topic, so if not, Julia, please move to appropriate section. So, I am a beginner and at times get sloppy with royal icing. So I have finally finished a cookie that I am really pleased with but unfortunately I did get some icing on the sides of my cookie from my messy hands. Is there an easy way to take that off? I used a sharp knife to scrape it off but just wondered if there are other tips and tricks (besides not being a messy decorator which...Read More...
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Hi, everyone. I awoke, as I'm sure many of you did, to learn of the devastating flooding and landslides in Japan ( https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/07...ly-floods/index.html ), which have caused several deaths and millions to evacuate their homes. The news and images are utterly heartbreaking. I heard from our some of our members this morning who reported that they are "okay". I am so overjoyed to hear this, but very worried about our other members and friends. Please know my heart goes out to...Read More...
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Needing Help With These Hats!!

Hello everyone! I am facing a design dilemma with these darn hats that my mother has insisted upon for her family reunion (the last name is Hatt, and she thinks it's too cute to do hats. Ugh. Lol). She bought the cutter and everything, and wanted 4 dozen cookies. I have never done an order this large. She is family, so she gets the family price. So . . . in short, I am unmotivated because I wanted to do something else, but she insisted on the hats. So far I have them flooded with brown icing...Read More...
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