August 2018

Dummy Display Cookies

Hello! Has anyone made dummy display cookies before? I would like to make Christmas cookie platters for display ahead of time, but also preferable that they can be used for 2 or 3 years. I was thinking of using a hard gingerbread-type dough that will last (e.g., like @Teri Pringle Wood's keepsake cookies), but am wondering if there is anything else that can be used? Has anyone done this? Does anyone have ideas? I worry if I would use Styrofoam (airbrushed the right colour) that...Read More...
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Łódź You Like a Cookie

Wypiekane Opowieści
We are just 2 crazy girls from Poland, who had this crazy idea to make a first royal icing cookie contest. Here in the middle of Europe (Łódź)... And we have simply done it! It was an amazing adventure. ❤️ Maybe not just a one-time event! Would you come to see our sweet work next year? And remember to take your work with you! ❤️ P.S. If you are trying to say out loud "Łódź", it sounds similar to "would", so the name of our event is a...Read More...
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Deals with Other Business Owners (Cross-Promotions)

Hi there! I wasn't sure exactly how to title this question, so I'm sorry if it is unclear. Basically, I have someone who would like to purchase individual cookies from me, in order to promote their own business. They'd be handing out cookies along with their business card. She asked about this several weeks ago, and I think it'd be really great since we'd both be sort of helping each other out. I told her my prices and she said she'd let me know. Well, that was back in May, and no word...Read More...
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How to Pipe Modern Script Fonts on Cookies?

Kathy Andersen
I am looking for some technique help on how to pipe the more modern script look l see quite often on cookies. I have many fonts that look like these samples and I can certainly print out to practice on paper. Should I draw with a scribe or marker on the cookie? Use a projector? What tip size should I use to get the thin and thick look of each letter? does anyone have a tutorial for this look (see links below)? Malisia Script Still Shine ScriptRead More...
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Introducing Our September Site Artist

Julia M. Usher
So sorry. Forgive me, but it's me again with some cuts and splices from my recent "School Rules" stencil release. Since there was no other art in the hopper this month, I quickly turned a few of my back-to-school photos into our September site banner and backdrop: Also, please forgive the fact that the globe is on backwards - I just wanted to keep you all on your toes! As I've mentioned before, I'd MUCH rather spotlight your cookie work than mine, so please do not hesitate to submit your...Read More...
Yippee! Our CookieCon live chat series continues in September, even after CookieCon is over (!!), with CookieCon presenter and repeat Sugar Show winner, @Jodi Till of Kids to College Cookie Creations. Jodi's live chat is on the weekend after CookieCon - Saturday, September 22 at 10 am central , to be precise - but her chat room is now open to receive your advance questions. Just click here to visit her chat room , and then follow the instructions at the top of the page to...Read More...

How to Make Sure a Large Sugar Cookie Is Baked Evenly?

Sweet Prodigy
I plan on baking a large sugar cookie (approx. 9" x 17") that needs to be edible. I'm thinking it should probably be a bit thicker for stability. What is the best way to prepare and bake a large sugar cookie so that the middle and edges are baked evenly and all the way through?Read More...
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Cookies Keeping Shape and Cream Cheese Icing

Hello! I’m just a baker for fun. I have for years been making cookies on sticks for friends' birthdays and showers and other events. Two questions . . . my cookies never keep their shape. I feel like I have tried everything. I use a recipe with powdered sugar instead of granular. Any tips? I was going try a recipe with cornstarch but worried that will change taste? Also . . . I see everyone uses royal icing. Anyone ever use just cream cheese or buttercream? I use cream cheese and everyone...Read More...
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Site Display Errors

Julia M. Usher
Hi, everyone, I just wanted to report that the site is experiencing some site display errors, where, in certain forum posts, the text of the post is displaying above the main header of the site in the background. I am aware of this problem and have reported it, so there is no need to report it to me. My site guys are working on it, but I do not yet have an estimated time by which it will be fixed. I'll report back here when it is. Thanks for your patience. Here's what it looks like on one...Read More...
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Halloween Design Fun

Hi there ya'll! This week I've been working on my Halloween cookies. It's one of my favorite things to do! Lol, I could use some feedback on what I can do to take this little guy to the next level. I'm totally stressing . . . over the symmetry . . . Or rather the lack of. I hand-cut all my designs so I've pretty much given up on ever achieving perfection. (sigh) Question . . .How many drafts do you guys do before you call it good enough?Read More...
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Failed The Taste Test

So today I made my first ever batch of egg white-based royal icing. Usually I use sugar, corn syrup, water, and flavoring. I wanted to try a more traditional royal icing to see if my decorating results improved with the different texture eggs bring to the table. The bad news . . . my son hated it. I didn't even like it. For some reason there is a subtle after taste with the egg-based icing. Has anyone had this problem before? I loved the texture, but if the kids won't eat it . . . well, when...Read More...
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Hi, all! I had a super fun time talking "extreme 3-D cookie decorating" on our local NBC affiliate today! Apart from the undesirably "extreme" closeups of my face, it's all in all a pretty good clip. However, I should clarify that 3-D cookies can and should be eaten, just not the months-old ones on the set that she asked to eat! (If you can't see the embedded video below for some reason, here's the link .) If you have your own fun and interesting news to share, I (and, I'm sure, others here)...Read More...
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Royal Icing - Some Drying, Others Not

Hello, fellow cookie peeps! I'm having a little trouble with my royal icing. Colored icing is drying hard on some cookies and, on other cookies, it's not close to being dry even after ~7hrs. They are from the same batch, and the icing was not colored on the cookies that didn't dry. The icing recipe I use is sifted powdered sugar, cream of tartar, vanilla extract, and egg whites. Any info is appreciated! It's just becoming frustrating when I have an order due and my icing is not drying. :/...Read More...
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Julia on Cookies at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show

Julia M. Usher
Hello, everyone! This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (September 29/30), and Kerry Vincent and I are pulling out all the stops to make my namesake Julia Usher Decorated Cookie Competition the best ever! We’re trying to attract national media to cover the event, which is why we put together the above promo video. Plus, I’m offering cash prizes close to $2000 ($1000 for first; $500 for second, and $250 for third), the biggest in the cookie business. I'm...Read More...
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Heat and Royal Icing

Hi, all! I hope this hasn't already been asked . . . I did an advanced search and couldn't quite find the topic I was looking for, but please feel free to direct me if there's already a thread addressing my question. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with leaving cookies decorated with royal icing in a hot car for part of the day? I have an order that I'll be sending with my mother in law, but before they get to their final destination, they may have to sit in her car for a few...Read More...
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Freshness and Packaging

Hi, all! I have been making gingerbread biscuits here in 🇦🇺. I sell them at the local farmer's market and at different businesses. I have had a few issues with the freshness of the biscuits. I have them in clear poly bags and tie with ribbon, but I want to change it. How do you keep them fresh? How long do they last, and do you recommend heat sealing? Thank you.Read More...
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Seventh Annual Go Bo! Foundation Bake Sale

Julia M. Usher
Woo hoo! Registration is now open for the seventh annual Go Bo! Foundation Bake Sale , which raises funds to bring hope to children with life-threatening medical conditions while spreading the legacy of Bo Johnson. Each year, hundreds of cookiers gather online and in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, USA with thousands of cookies to be auctioned off for this wonderful cause. To date, more than 148 thousand dollars (yes, thousand!) have been raised through cookie donations, thanks in large part to the...Read More...

Seeking CookieCon 2018 Correspondents!

Julia M. Usher
Hey, everyone. Like last year, I'm seeking two or three people to serve as CookieCon 2018 correspondents - meaning I'm looking for folks who would be interested in reporting on their experiences at CookieCon (while at CookieCon) to those back at home. The reporting could be in the form of photo posts (like these from last year's event by @Bev Made Cookies and others) or blog posts (like those here by @Econlady and others). I'm also open to other creative...Read More...