September 2015

Royal Icing Tips for 0.5 Fine Nozzle (To Avoid Blockage)

Hi all - writing form Perth, Western Australia - trying to find the answers to a go-to recipe or techniques for piping 0.5 nozzle without blockage - I fine sift x 3 times - using 0.5 od style nozzle with copper collar - love the fine work but...Read More...
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Hi, all! Please be advised that the site will be down for about 30 minutes on Wednesday, September 23, 2015, sometime between 11 am and 3 pm Eastern time . There is no need to notify me if you find the site down between these hours, as this...Read More...
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An Important Hello and Good-Bye!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I've got two important pieces of news for you, so read on, please! First, I wanted to alert you to our latest, very exciting addition to the Cookie Connection contributor team ! With her inaugural post about baking paper , Liesbet Schietecatte joins us today as author of the bimonthly (every-other-month) blog feature, Toolbox Talk . Liesbet explains the genesis of this feature in good detail in her post, but basically Toolbox Talk is Cookie Connection 's alternative to a global...Read More...
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Edible Wafer Creations by Wickstead's Eat Me

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Wickstead's Eat Me
Hello everyone Just wanted to introduce our Wickstead's Eat Me shop currently on Etsy Eat Me is another shop department by Wickstead's where you will find all sorts of edible creations. *Our edibles are perfect to finish off your Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies & Biscuits they will just grab your friends & families attention & just call to them, “Eat Me". In our shop you will find a wide variety of items all made out of wafer paper in a selection of themes.Read More...
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