September 2018

Cornstarch in Sugar Cookies?

So in my quest for the perfect sugar cookie recipe I came across a few that called for the addition of cornstarch. In these recipes all baking powder was removed. Have you guys ever heard/tried this? Some recipes added anywhere from 1 tbsp to 1 cup. Of course the flour ratio was adjusted to allow the new ingredient. I did try one of them and ended up with a cookie which was more soft and chewy than my regular recipe. It had a better flavor as well. The final test will be how well it holds up...Read More...
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Hi, everyone! The JULIA Airbrush System sold more quickly than ever anticipated and, as some of you may know, is now stocked out. Thank you to everyone who supported the product through their purchases. I am so grateful to you! Several people have asked when it will be available again, and, instead of responding to each and every one of you separately, here's the official answer for all. I regret to say that I have no plans to release any more of this particular system . It’s a long story,...Read More...
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CookieCon 2019 Has Just Been Announced!

Julia M. Usher
Wow, CookieCon 2018 has barely started, and CookieCon 2019 has already been announced! As luck would have it, CookieCon is moving to an annual schedule of every spring, starting in March 2019. Mark your calendars now for the world's largest cookie-only convention! For more information about pricing, registration, and so on, please visit the CookieCon site, here .Read More...
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Thanks to Berni Solti, aka @Gingerland, for dressing up our site again this month - this time in full-on Halloween regalia! I just love Berni's crisp lines and perfect piping, and the "energy" of her designs, don't you?! As you may know, Berni has been a prolific contributor of site art, and, as such, has already been the subject of one of our in-depth Cookier Close-up interviews - one of the perks of being a site artist! So, if you don't yet know her, please read that...Read More...
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Pico Projector

I hope I'm posting this question in the right spot! I am very new to using a projector for cookie decorating, so I have a ton of questions that I can't find answers to anywhere (probably because they're no brainers and I'm a novice)! Does anyone use a pico projector with their laptop - NOT with an iPhone/iPad? I can project images/text I have saved, but I can't change the size/zoom to make it fit the cookie. I see a lot of info out there about using the Camera Lucida app with an iPad . . .Read More...
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Taking the Challenge

Tina at Sugar Wishes
To my joy, the package from Chef Alan's Global Sugar Art, which I won in a Cookie Connection (CC) Practice Bakes Perfect (PBP) challenge, was patiently waiting for me as I finally returned stateside for a visit. It was filled to the brim with so many products; it was like an early Christmas present packed with colors, dusts, tips, sprinkles, mixes, and powders. A cookier's dream - $100 to shop at Global Sugar Art's online store! Few people can understand what a marvelous gift this was to me!Read More...
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Halloween and Fall Stencil Sale on Confection Couture Stencils!

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Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I just wanted to let you know that my stencil partner, Confection Couture Stencils, has a great sale going through October 30 - 15% off on all Halloween and fall stencils! More info, including the coupon code, can be found in the photo below. Happy shopping! Shop here: www.confectioncouturestencils.comRead More...
Yes, you got that right! Even though CookieCon 2018 is over, I'll be wrapping up live chats and Cookier Close-up interviews with the remaining CookieCon instructors in the coming days and months. Stay tuned for interviews with @Hillary Ramos (aka The Cookie Countess), @Jodi Till (with whom we chatted just last weekend, here ), and @Anne Yorks (aka Flour Box Bakery), as well as both chats and interviews with @Andrea Walters...Read More...

Bleeding Edges🙈

Hello all, I have searched for months to find an answer to a problem that happens sporadically. When I ice my cookies, it is not apparent at first but, after they sit overnight, some of the cookies, whether they have white icing or dark-colored icing, begin to “bleed” around the edges. It almost looks like greasy spots that eventually travel to the entire cookie, but it’s embarrassing because if I deliver them early they look very splotchy. It is not a greasy bowl or spatula or any...Read More...
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Saturday Spotlight Delay

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I had intended to post a CookieCon Sugar Show recap as this weekend's Saturday Spotlight , but I am still awaiting the final winning photos. It is now pretty late here and I have mounds of other work to do, so I will hopefully post it tomorrow (Sunday) or just as soon as I receive the photos. Stay tuned! From the photos I've caught on Facebook and Instagram, the wait will be worth it - the show looked pretty darn spectacular!Read More...

Using Other People's Designs

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Terry H.
Hope I'm posting in the right place. It's my eventual goal to have more of my own cookie designs but right now I sometimes use designs dreamed up (really I should say, painstakingly crafted) by other cookiers. I assume that if someone posted a tutorial on how to make their cookie, then they are okay with other people using their ideas. But what is the etiquette on using someone else's design, especially if you sell the cookies? Should I contact each person, where possible and ask for...Read More...
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Frosting Sheets Not Sticking to Cookie

I recently used icing sheets for the first time. I let the royal icing on the cookie dry completely before applying the icing sheet. I thought I had read somewhere that to use the icing sheet I just needed to peel off the backing and it sticks to the cookie, but that didn't happen. I ended up thinning out some royal icing to use as a "glue". I put a thin layer on the back of the icing sheet before placing on the cookie. This seemed to work, but I got some bubbling up on some. Would love any...Read More...
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A Study in Frustration

So I decided to try my hand at some new things this week. I can only call it an epic cookie fail. To say I'm in need of tips to improve is putting it mildly! Lol First . . . Circles. Yeah nothing else really needs to be said. I don't have a clue how anyone bakes a perfect circle. Or how they pipe a perfect circle. It's obvious I can't. *grin* Beads . . . my nemesis. No matter what I do I end up with craters. I was using icing a bit thicker than 20 second. Before it was too thin. I'm very...Read More...
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Bad Product

Terry H.
So, I just gave out some truly terrible cookies. I've been having a nightmare of a time with RI this whole last month. Multiple batches had grease spots so I switched meringue powders, only to find CK very grainy (literally pulling grains of sugar out of the tip!). I also tried several different recipes, etc. I finally found LilaLoa's survey on butter bleed and followed her solution: which is, fans. I laid the cookies out to dry with 3 - 4 fans blowing in the room. (Also because my...Read More...
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