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Gingerbread Recipe - Can Only Roll on Parchment Paper

Hi, all! I'm new to this forum and so happy to be here. I have an issue with Julia's gingerbread recipe, when I roll it out it is very difficult to remove it intact to transfer it to the baking sheet. If I roll it on parchment paper, of course I do not have that problem as I take away the excess cookie dough and am able to transfer the parchment paper with the cookies with no problem and they bake beautifully. Anyone know why the cutouts break apart if I try to transfer by hand? Thank you in...Read More...
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Beverly Bunker
Hello, everyone! Thank you for such a beautiful site to be a part of. I am relatively new to the art of cookie decorating for myself as a hobby. I have been drooling over cookie decorating images for about five years now, and two years ago I decided to try it out for myself. Although I did not know about the different aspects of royal icing, I still played around with decorating three dozen Valentine’s Day cookies which nobody wanted to eat because they were so pretty! Now after watching all...Read More...
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Paint Your Own Cookie Troubleshooting

Hi all! I’m playing around with PYO cookies for the first time and was wondering if anyone had some tips to share. I made some the other day that I let my kids test out for me. They looked great and the kids had fun with them, but the painted colors were pretty light on my 5 year old’s masterpiece. And my 2 year old just completely dissolved the stenciled image and ended up with a gray cookie 😂. I know it’s kind of the “nature of the beast” for water to dissolve the stenciled image when...Read More...
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Hi, all! In case you didn't catch this recent (December 4) piece in the The New York Times , it's worth a read. It features several notable cookiers (many members of this site) and talks about the evolution and dynamics of the "modern-day" cookie business here in the US, focusing a lot on friendships and connections forged online! Link here: More power to cookiers, and congrats to all who were interviewed or mentioned, including...Read More...
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Cottage Food Operations and Meringue Powder

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Hi! I am hoping/trying to set up a Cottage Food Operation (CFO) in California for my cookies. I thought I had everything lined up, and have just been told that California doesn't allow meringue powder (or similar) in icing. I have truly cried, it makes me so sad! And I have heard this is not unique to California. It makes absolutely no sense to me that it is allowed in a professional kitchen and not in a home kitchen. Professional kitchen rental is just too expensive for a startup...Read More...
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Egg White Icing Refrigeration

I think I have read all of the royal icing topics pertaining to egg white safety, but I still have a question. If this topic has already been asked and answered, please let me know. I understand that using pasteurized egg whites (or meringue powder) reduces, or eliminates altogether, the possibility of salmonella, and that a high sugar content in any confection will retard the birth/spread of bacteria, but as I am not cooking the icing at all, the pasteurized egg whites are still considered...Read More...
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Hurry! Confection Couture Stencils ' and my clearance sale continues through 12/21/2018, offering up to 80% discounts on select items! We just added some new stencils to the sale today! Great for those Christmas gifts you still need to get your cookier-friends (hint, hint )! Happy shopping! Check it out here: More...

Saturday Spotlight Resumes on December 15

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! Just a quick heads-up: there will be no Saturday Spotlight on December 8, as I am in all-day video shoots and classes the entire weekend. The Spotlight will resume on December 15, Christmas shopping and house-cleaning permitting! Thanks for your understanding. Maybe I'll get a clone for Christmas?!Read More...
Yes, Berni Solti (aka @Gingerland) is back with us for the duration of December! A few months ago, Berni gave me a load of site art for many different months, and, within that treasure trove, she gifted me with TWO options just for December. Both are so darn cute (see below) that I wasn't quite sure which to choose . . . Option 1: Option 2: . . . and so . . . I didn't! (Avoiding decisions sure makes life easy! ) I'll be starting this month with the first stocking and tree...Read More...
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I want to make my own cookie stencils. Do you think I need to buy the latest model or can I get away with one of the older models used? I would love to save some money and get a used one. I have seen some on Ebay and even Craigslist. My main goal is making cookie stencils. I want to upload my own images. What model do you have? Suggestions appreciated.Read More...
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Getting Discouraged

So I opened my Etsy shop right before Thanksgiving and two days ago I got my first order. I was so excited...and then everything that could go wrong did. For some unknown reason, my cookies spread when they usually don't. (even chilled) Then I had overflow and shaky hand syndrome. To top all that off I ended up with craters in my eyes. Oh yeah, can't forget the color bleed that has never happened to me before! Needless to say, I have to start all over. Thankfully I gave myself enough time...Read More...
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Chocolate-Bourbon Orange Toasted Pecan Cookie - Recipe Help!

Terry H.
Greetings cookiers! Happy baking season! Is everyone else having the best time baking 24/7? I am working on my chocolate-bourbon, toasted-pecan orange cookie recipe. Everything is great except the bourbon flavor is not strong enough. Any ideas? I'm using Sweetapolita's "Perfect Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookies" recipe as a base, adding orange zest, toasted pecan pieces, bourbon and orange extract in the icing. I'm up to 4 tablespoons of bourbon but not getting a good bourbon kick in the cookie...Read More...
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Is My Gingerbread Dough Too Dry?

Hello, I've never baked with gingerbread dough before, but thought I'd give it a try this week. I used Julia's recipe ( ) and weighed all my ingredients. I followed Julia's video, and my dough looked the same before refrigeration. After refrigeration my dough is really dry. It cracks quite a bit when I roll it. I have to knead it a bit to warm it up, and then it stops cracking. But I think warming it up encourages it to puff and spread...Read More...
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Confection Couture Stencils' Holiday Gift Certificates

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Julia M. Usher
NOW AVAILABLE - gift certificates to my partner Confection Couture Stencils' site! If you aren't sure about what to get your cookie-bestie for Christmas, this gift certificate may very well be the perfect answer. Available in $10, $25, $50, and $100 increments, these gift cards can be tailored to any shopping need! ENJOY! More info here: https://www.confectioncoutures...m/products/gift-cardRead More...

How Do You Do It All?! Really!

Hi, everyone! I have been stalking and learning for quite some time now. I haven't had to write a post thus far, since my questions are usually answered after some searching. I have read on this particular topic a few different times, but I have to ask for myself, in my own way. How do you balance it all? I have a full-time job as a legal assistant and three school-aged kids. I want so badly to make a batch of cookies every night but by the time all other areas of life are handled, at least...Read More...
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