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Gas versus Electric Oven

Hi there! I usually bake my cookies in a gas oven (gingerbread:7,5 minute, chocolate cookie: 10 minute) and bake them at 180°C. Now for a couple of month I have to use an electric oven. I tried to bake them the same way, but they did not turn out right Any suggestion what I should change? Thank you!Read More...
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Consejo (Advice Needed- Kopykake or Edible Printer?)

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karla lopez connelly
Buenas noches quiero saber si me pueden ayudar , estoy indecisa en comprar un kopykake o una impresora. Que seria mas útil para decorar galletas? les pido su consejo de antemano muchas gracias. saludos desde Mexico EDITOR'S NOTE - Here's a rough translation of Karla's post, so more of you can assist: Good evening. I want to know if you can help me. I'm undecided about buying a Kopykake or an edible printer. Which would be more useful to decorate cookies? Thank you in advance for your advice.Read More...
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Hi, I am currently making cookies under the Maryland Food Cottage Law. I set up at the local Farmers Markets. Someone has arranged for me to cook in their commercial Kitchen. I have the baking part down but I am wondering about licenses, packaging and...Read More...
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