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Butterfly Stitches - A Class on Royal Icing Embroidery


Butterfly Stitches - A Class on Royal Icing Embroidery

Butterfly Stitches
A class on royal icing Embroidery

Directly from the winner of Julia Usher's 3-D Cookie Art Competition 2020
Check the winning piece here

You are all welcome to this course on royal icing decorated cookies to learn my simple but effective technique to create very fine 3D butterflies with a realistic texture.
There is no need for extra sugar here, just a fine, thin layer that will allow you to better taste the flavor and full aroma of your cookies.

To this end, together with the more traditional parchment piping bags, I will teach you my particular method to easily make super sharp no-seam miniature piping bags for excellent movement control and incredible details without using any nozzle.

Together we will also see different techniques to easily and quickly create a realistic wood effect, and we will complete the course by learning how to makedelicate miniature roses.

In this course I will not only teach you this specific decorative project, but I will introduce you to several general principles of working with royal icing that will always be very useful, together with practical techniques that you can also apply with other ingredients.

A monographic and technical course at the same time.

Course will take place live in a private FB group with exclusive access to enrolled students, where all supporting resources will also be published, such as recipe handouts, templates, supplies list, discount coupons for purchase of equipment and further suggestions.

Online course will be mainly demonstrative, but with a mixed format capable of allowing full interaction with the students:

  • In preparation for the main live streaming, two preliminary videos, of about an hour and a half each, will be released on the topic of royal icing preparation and of several techniques that can be used to create a realistic wood effect on cookies, both raw and baked, including an effective variation on sugar paste.
  • Live broadcasts will be recorded and will be accessible at any later time, while assistance and consultancy in the FB group will be guaranteed until April 11, 2021.
  • To completion of the course, a further live session of solely Questions & Answers will follow on a date to be later agreed with all participants, at least one/two weeks after the main live broadcast.

Take advantage of this class particular flexible format to learn a new skill at your pace and according to your time availability.

Find all details directly on the course page at the following link:

Embroidery cookies

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