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Advertising and Sponsorship

Cookie Connection wouldn't be possible without the support of our generous advertisers and sponsors. All of us at Cookie Connection heartily thank them for their contributions that keep us thriving!

Our Partner Policy
We always welcome new advertisers and sponsors, but we limit our partners to those companies whose products and services directly relate to sweets decorating and baking, and who uphold the highest business standards - in short: to those companies that we would also endorse. We seek companies that complement our site and enhance our members' overall experience here.

Ad space is currently offered in the following areas on the site:
  • Home page (295 x 295 px) linked image
  • Home page (295 x 140 px) linked image
  • Home page (140 x 140 px) linked image
  • Home page sponsored link
  • Clips channel (295 x 295 px) linked image
  • Forums channel (295 x 295 px) linked image
You may purchase a subset or all of this space at any one time, subject to availability. It is sold in 3-month or 12-month increments, the latter at a discount.

In addition to advertising, partners can partake in any number of standard sponsorship opportunities or other programs custom-designed to suit their needs. Our standard sponsorships include:
  • Practice Bakes Perfect challenge giveaway (bi-monthly)
  • Premium member giveaway (NEW in 2016, quarterly)
  • Cookier Choice Awards (annual)
Please contact us at the email address below to discuss sponsorship details and rates.

Availability, Rate Sheet, Media Kit, and More!
Interested in advertising or sponsorships? Because both offered ad space and its availability are subject to change from time to time, it's best to email Cookie Connection founder Julia M. Usher for more details, including our rate sheet and media kit. We're also happy to discuss standard or custom-designed sponsorships at any time!

Many thanks!