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It takes a small community to keep a large community like Cookie Connection alive with content and tuned into members' needs. In addition to my partners at who maintain the technical aspects of this site and constantly dream up new site features for us to enjoy, I have the following talented writer-cookiers to thank for their regular and very generous contributions. Please join me in giving them a hearty round of applause - and check out the quick links to some of their work to the right!

Christine Dutcher is the recently retired author of Practice Bakes Perfect, a bimonthly Cookie Connection blog feature that poses inspiration and challenges to stretch you as a cookie artist - for practice, prizes, and fun! (Our challenges will resume in June or July 2022 in a virtual video format under the direction of Manuela Pezzopane. Stay tuned!) Christine's journey as a cookier began in early 2013 when an online search led her to the amazing world of cookie decorating. After spending countless hours learning all that she could, Christine decorated her first set of cookies in October 2013. In 2016, she decided that she would begin to focus on perfecting her skills, challenging herself each time to create more detailed and progressively complex pieces of cookie art. In 2019, Christine became one of the very first sugar artists from around the world to be named as an "Honourary PME Five Star Sugar Artist" by Knightsbridge PME. You can learn more about Christine's work here on Cookie Connection, and by following her Facebook and Instagram pages. Catch up on all of Christine's Cookie Connection posts here. Photo credit: Christine Dutcher.

Icingsugarkeks, designedbygabi, and Gabi are all synonyms for our Cookie Connection Site Art Stylist. Gabi, who harks from Thüringen, Germany, is a talented hobbyist decorator who has awesome graphic design skills acquired through years working as a media and graphic designer in image processing, film cutting, television programming, print media, and website design and programming. Gabi never thought that she would love HTML and CSS one day! But she does, and she's now happily applying those skills to help Cookie Connection members turn their cookie photos into art for our site's banner and backdrop. To learn more about Gabi, please visit her Instagram page. And to get her help with your site art submission, please send her a private message via her Cookie Connection profile page. Cookie and photo credit: Icingsugarkeks.

Manuela Pezzopane, affectionately called Manu by her friends and family, is the author of the blog feature Made by Manu, where each month she shares the method behind a magical cookie of her own making. In March 2022, Manu also assumed the role of host of our newly rebranded and reformatted Cookie Connection Challenges, which will debut in a virtual video format in June or July 2022. A fan of everything handmade, Manu professes to have tried every possible hobby. However, it wasn’t until the end of 2014, when an American friend invited her to a Christmas cookie exchange, that she first discovered decorated cookies. In 2015, after watching Julia M. Usher's videos and signing up on Cookie Connection, Manu finally attempted her own. Since then, cookie decorating has become Manu’s passion – one that she continues to develop by actively participating in the challenges hosted by fellow Cookie Connection contributor Bakerloo Station. Married with two children in college, Manu harks from Rome, Italy, but currently resides in Thailand. You can email Manu at, follow her on Facebook and Instagram, or catch her past Cookie Connection posts here. Photo credit: Manuela Pezzopane.

Samantha Yacovetta is the author of Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist, a monthly Cookie Connection blog feature that focuses on the special little details that make big statements in cookie design. Samantha began cookie decorating in 2013. While working at a local bakery, she became captivated by cookie art when a customer requested princess-themed cookies. Attracted initially to the precision of cookie decorating, Samantha soon found that the limitless design opportunities turned it into her artistic passion. Samantha began regularly stocking the bakery case with decorated cookies and for several years sold cookies through her own company, Aproned Artist, a cottage food operation. Having retired from the business life, Samantha now enjoys making cookies just for fun from her home in San Jose, California, USA. To learn more about Samantha, please check out her Cookie Connection portfolio, her Facebook page, and her past Every Little Detail tutorials here. Photo credit: Samantha Yacovetta.

I am constantly striving to take the site's content to the next level with more tutorials, posts about the business of baking, and other thought-provoking content. If you have a unique decorating angle or story to tell and would be interested in becoming a site contributor, please contact me at to discuss the possibility! And don't forget to check out the quick links to the right to some of our contributors' latest content!

Live sweetly,
Julia M. Usher
Founder and Host, Cookie Connection