How Much Icing to Make - Live Online Class

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My live, online classes  on Cookies as Business continue next week.  Monday's class is all about royal icing.

All of my online classes come with coordinating ebooks so you'll have the information to refer to later!  (Can't make this class?  It repeats every five to six weeks.  Or you can purchase JUST the ebook!)

Do you live in fear of running out of a particular color of icing?

Are you making waaaaay too much icing because of that fear? 

I've got you covered with my formula for determining how much icing you need of each color for every set you make.  This formula has never failed me. I use it for every order and every icing color. I've never run out of icing in the middle. I always have a little left over as a cushion. Perfect.

In this 1 hour class, I'll  go over the ebook, take questions, and give you a quick tour of the bakery that I use for my business.

Get some graph paper, a calculator and dust off those geometry skills.

I hope you'll join me!

$49 per participant for the class.  (Comes with the ebook.) Pre-registration required at

or $15 for just the ebook.

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