How to Grow / Promote Your Cookie Decorating Business - Live Online Class

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My Cookies as Business classes continue next week with talk about growing your business on Tuesday.

Each online class comes with a coordinating Ebook that you will have later to refer back to. (If you can't make this class or don't want to wait for the next repeat, you can purchase just the ebook!)

In this 1 hour class, I'll talk to you about ways to grow your cookie decorating business. My business sure has evolved over the last six years! I've added new products and services. I've used social media and blogging to my advantage. In the beginning, I didn't have enough orders to keep me busy part time. Now I turn orders away daily. I had no idea what to do with social media. Now I have approximately 10,000 followers on both Instagram and Facebook.

For most of us, our businesses aren't going to explode over night. It's going to take dedication, slow and steady work. I've got tips (both online and in real life) to help you grow your business steadily to become what you want it to be.

During class  - I'll go through the highlights of the ebook, take questions and give you a quick tour of the bakery that  I use for my business.

When you leave this class you will have a very LONG "to do" list!

$49 per online class participant. (Comes with the ebook.)  Pre-registration required at

or $12 for just the ebook.

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