How to Host Cookie Decorating Parties and Classes - Live Online Class

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My Cookies as Business classes continue next week! 

And now each one comes with a coordinating Ebook that you will have later to refer back to!

This class actually comes with TWO ebooks - one on parties and one on classes.

(If you can't make this class or don't want to wait for the next repeat, you can purchase just the ebooks!)

During the class, I'll briefly go through the highlights of the ebooks then take questions and give a quick tour of the bakery.

In this 1 hour class and with the ebooks, you'll learn how to host your own cookie decorating parties and classes. These can easily become a lucrative supplement to taking cookie orders. 

I host monthly parties with a max of 17 people at $43 each. That comes to $731 for one party! Let me show you how I do it.

I'll talk to you about......

* the difference between a party and a class. It's huge! The number of people, what you teach them and how much you get paid - it all depends on whether you're hosting a "party" or a "class".

* how I organize parties and classes,

* the supplies I use.

I'll answer the questions that I'm asked so often....

How many cookies per person?

Do they share icing?

One icing consistency or two and how many colors?

How do they get their cookies home?

How much do you charge?

What supplies do I need?

You'll be ready to host parties and teach private classes!

$49 per participant. Pre-registration required at:

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