How to Take and Complete Orders - Live Online Class

Join this Online Class from Anywhere.

My Cookies as Business classes continue next week! 

And now each online class comes with a coordinating Ebook that you will have later to refer back to.  (If you can't make this class or don't want to wait for the next repeat, you can purchase just the ebook!)

In this 1 hour class, I'll talk to you about organizing the way in which you take orders so that you can complete them efficiently!

I'll teach you my step-by-step method of taking orders. This will make sure that you never miss an order or a detail when it's time to decorate.

* You will receive the two forms that I use and are necessary to taking and completing my cookie orders efficiently.

During the class - I'll go through the highlights of the ebook then take questions and give you a quick tour of the bakery that  I use for my business.

$49 per participant. Pre-registration required at:

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