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Mosaic Cookie Tiles - Online Streaming Class


Mosaic Cookie Tiles  - Online Streaming Class

Mosaic cookie tiles
A story of cocoa butter painting

Online streaming class

Directly from the winner of Julia Usher's 3-D Cookie Art Competition 2020
Check the winning piece here

Romantic, elegant, precious , yet simple and delicate. These flower mosaic cookie tiles have it all!

A brand new class, packed with useful tips to create perfectly shaped cookies, with my special Italian Pasta Frolla recipe for a dough that doesn't spread and it's also delicious!

We will address new pattern transfer techniques and I will also share with you my special all natural cocoa butter sugarpaste recipe without gelatin, which also happens to be vegan! And this is only the beginning!

The main core of the class will be focused on learning the tips and tricks to handpaint onto fondant or modeling chocolate with a forgiving and easy to approach technique that uses cocoa butter as the core medium, but that can be easily applied to any other method like gel or alcohol-based colors, and several other surfaces too, including chocolate, ganache, crusting buttercream or royal icing.

Boost your painting confidence! Beginners welcome.

In this course I will not only teach you this specific decorative project, using a technique of simple execution yet of great scenographic effect, but I will also introduce you to several general principles about painting that will always be very useful.

A monographic and technical course at the same time.

Course will take place live in a private FB group with exclusive access to enrolled students, where all supporting resources will also be published, such as recipe handouts, templates, supplies list, discount coupons for purchase of equipment and further suggestions.

Online course will be mainly demonstrative, but with a flexible structure and mixed format capable of allowing full interaction with the students and offering customization options.

Find all details directly on the course page at the following link:


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