Two-Day 3-D Cookie Class with Julia in Kuwait

Talal's Cake Academy, Kuwait City, Kuwait

I'm pleased to announce my first overseas teaching class of 2019 on February 8-9! It's a two-day 3-D cookie extravaganza at Talal's Cakes Academy in Kuwait, featuring the two cookie boxes pictured in the image above. Students will create one version of each of the box styles, with minor style variations as students desire. Classes will run from 10 am to 6 pm each day, with a break at about midday for lunch.

Techniques covered include: Contouring and embossing dough, outlining and flooding, dipping, edible cake lace, needlepoint, airbrushing, stenciling, 2-D transfers, 3-D rose transfers, spraying, sponging, fondant trims, border and finishing techniques, and 3-D mitered and sandwiched cookie construction.

For pricing and registration: Please contact my host Talal by calling 96594455259 or emailing

I can't wait to see you there!


Sharq Block 8, Street 135, Building 182, Al Sanea Tower 15th floor, Kuwait City, Kuwait

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