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Baking Cookies Thoroughly without Burning the Base


Firstly, let me say that Cookie Connection is one of my best finds on the internet so far. My mind is blown by how vast and deep the cookie world is and how knowledgeable so many members are! I have been spending my last 2 days and nights on this forum just reading and reading and trying to take it all in!

So, a big thank you to @Julia M. Usher for creating this for bakers! I am your big fan!

I am a novice home baker. My query is rather basic. I have been baking sugar cookies at home. My challenge is that if I bake my 1/8-inch thick cookies at 375 F for 10-11 minutes they are baked well however the base turns brown and if I bake them at lesser temperature (have tried 350 F), the base is still slightly brown but the cookie isn't baked and is raw at the center.  I use parchment paper for baking. Also, I add 1 tsp baking powder (not sure if that makes any difference at all to the cookies baking and the base turning brown).

I have bought and tried some sugar cookies from other home based cookiers and I feel their cookies weren't fully baked and also weren't brown in the base.

If any of you knowledgeable cookiers could let me know how to thoroughly bake a sugar cookie without browning the base,it would be a great help.

P.S: I am still exploring this site and trying to figure out how can I get my hands on the recipes posted on this site by Julia and others. Maybe those recipes will tell me how to bake cookies at what temperatures and duration?



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