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Reply to "Baking Cookies Thoroughly without Burning the Base"

First, thanks for the kind words about the site. I am so glad you're enjoying it!

A number of things could be going on . . . First, I imagine you're baking a bit too long given you are rolling your cookies somewhat on the thin side. Try rolling them a bit thicker (maybe 3/16 inch if you like thin cookies like I do), and also baking on a silicone mat. I find that mats (vs. parchment paper) distribute heat more evenly. Also, it could be your oven or the positioning of your trays in the oven. Be sure your often is actually calibrated to the temperature at which it is set - put another thermometer in it to check, if unsure. Don't place trays too close to the bottom (where the heat source often is); bake in the middle for better heat circulation and more distance from bottom-oven heat sources. Lastly, I am not sure how much brown you like, but I like some . . . browning caramelizes the sugars in cookies and adds flavor. I find that all-blonde cookies with no browning are often pasty and less tasty. So experiment with browning 'til you're sure you have what YOU like. 

My recipes on my personal site ( and in my books always provide suggested rolling thicknesses, oven temperatures, and baking times, but remember that no two ovens are exactly alike, so cookies should always be watched while baking. Look for visual cues of doneness; don't rely solely on a magical baking time.

Hope this helps a bit.

P.S. @Econlady - Thanks so much for the kind words about my gingerbread!

@Julia M. Usher Thank you! I think I agree with what you say about the cookie with non browning being pasty and I do not like that taste. 

I have tried other cakes and cupcakes in the same oven and they too are burning at the bottom, so I am thinking this might be something to do with the placement of my trays.  I will also implement your idea of using another thermometer to check the oven temperature. I saw you using Silicone mats in your videos and will make sure to use them going forward when I bake.

Thanks again!