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Reply to "Baking Cookies Thoroughly without Burning the Base"

@Econlady posted:

First welcome.  Let me first address baking powder.  Add your baking powder to the dough before you add flour.  My cookie teacher told me baking powder binds to flour and to add it to the dough, mix and then add flour.  I do the same with salt and spices in my cookies.  Now to your cookies.  I’m wondering If you are mixing up raw with just cooked.  I was taught that as soon as I see a little tan on one cookie to pull my cookies out.  I get rave reviews on my cookies.  If they truly are raw then get your oven checked.  If one part is raw and another burnt then it’s definitely the oven.  I do not bake my cookies as long as you because they would be burnt.  Good luck.

@Econlady Thank you for the response. If I understand it correctly, you mean to say that I should add the baking powder to the butter+sugar+egg mixture before adding the flour, mix the butter+sugar+egg mixture with baking powder and then add flour, is that correct?

Currently what I do is I mix all the dry ingredients and then add the dry ingredients to the butter+sugar+egg mixture in the stand mixer

When I mean raw cookies, I mean to say that the center of the cookies still taste raw dough-y (not sure how to explain it) as opposed to baked cookies.

So, when you pull it out after you see a little tan, do you let them sit on the baking sheet for a while?

Would you mind telling me at what temperature do you bake cookies and for how long?

Thanks again