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Reply to "Baking Cookies Thoroughly without Burning the Base"

@Econlady @Julia M. Usher @Icingsugarkeks Thank you for your inputs with this issue.

Just wanted to update you all that I implemented your recommendations, that is:

Baked my 1/4" sugar cookies at 350F(instead of 375F earlier) for 9-10 mins. Used Silicone mat while baking instead of parchment paper. I eliminated baking powder altogether (wanted to see the difference it makes in consistency and taste) Added salt before adding flour. Kept an eye and noticed the fragrance of cookies to get an idea if the cookies have baked. Placed the tray in the middle rack and also in centre of the oven. Took the cookies out when the cookies showed slight tinge at the corners.

Happy with the results, the sides are slightly caramelised but the base is definitely not burnt or brown.

Completing this loop of messages, so if anyone else looks for this topic on the forum they will also know what worked for me.

Thanks again

P.S.: Just bought Julia's Ultimate Cookies online version. Can't wait to explore it!

That's good to hear. I hope you continue to enjoy experimenting ... @Anupama Joshi