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Bleeding Edges🙈

5289C573-A9A7-48EC-AE93-82E1DA6BF787Hello all,

I have searched for months to find an answer to a problem that happens sporadically. When I ice my cookies, it is not apparent at first but, after they sit overnight, some of the cookies, whether they have white icing or dark-colored icing, begin to “bleed” around the edges. It almost looks like greasy spots that eventually travel to the entire cookie, but it’s embarrassing because if I deliver them early they look very splotchy. 

It is not a greasy bowl or spatula or any contaminant, like I’ve read, that may have caused it. I have also paid attention to the humidity levels. I have even changed my recipe to use less butter. Still nothing . . . the frustrating part it that it does NOT always happen. 

Does anyone have a solution to this? I have attached a photo . . . look at the bear’s head closely and see the edges getting darker. It also began to happen to the blue mason jars. 😥




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  • 5289C573-A9A7-48EC-AE93-82E1DA6BF787: Bleeding Bear Head😢
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