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Reply to "Dummy Display Cookies"

Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

Hi Lisbet

How about using gum paste instead of cookies?   What I did 4 years ago is I made cookie-colored  gum paste and cut it out, after they dried completely I decorated with royal icing.   The gum paste is going to be rock-hard and what I made is still here.   Just some colors of icing fades faster.  

Let me find whether I have the photos of it 4 years ago and I take the photo how it looks now.  

 I made gum paste dough with gum paste powder and followed the instruction how it should be made.  

Here I found the photos

9aa11cf8125920c654888a3e996d7230 4 years ago

DSC00436 well the colors really faded.  

thank you Ryoko for taking the time to find the original photo and to take a new one!

yes, the colours have faded, but other than that it still looks the same, that's good. Four years is more than what I would expect to get out of a display set, if it lasts 2 years, I would be happy    I will try it out to make 'cookies' in gum paste.

Is the box you store the display in airtight?