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Reply to "How to Design Cookie Decorating Lessons?"

Hi Nancy- I just started my "cookie workshops" in February of this year.  My very first class had 13 women.  I have found that 8 is a good number and that if you can get a friend to help you during the class it is very helpful.  I am not sure if it is appropriate to give out my website but there are lots of pictures of these events there.

I did 2 in Feb, 2 in March, and 2 in April.  I plan to do them every month.  I also do free classes for children aged 5-14- monthly at the local Farmers Market.  I don't really want to have kids in my home classes so I offer it free at the Market and that seems to make everyone happy. It also gives me free marketing for paid classes. Another way I attract students is that I give free demos at my local Williams-Sonoma.  I use their mixer to show how to make royal icing and I bring my own cookies and color.  I give some examples and then they make it their own.

For the in- home classes, I provide 6 cookies to decorate and all the supplies. I am still tweaking things, but I have been using the following supplies:

-kraft (light brown) shirt boxes I bought at a local box supply, I buy 100 at a time and they cost .48 each- I line them with some white waxed paper sheets to absorb the oils

-a 1/4 sheet cake board for them to ice the cookies on before transferring to the box to dry

-a recipe for royal icing, a regular and chocolate cookie recipe (I always make both for the class)

- parchment for them to decorate on. 

-Icing spatulas, skewers to show marbling techniques

I make it more like a party- so I decorate the table according to the season, and I lay out example cookies for them to get inspiration. I put all the sprinkles and sugars in heart shaped ramekins with mini spoons in them.  At first I just used them in the bottles, but it looks so much prettier this way. 

I encourage them to bring some wine if they want and I provide a light lunch if its from 10 AM- 1 PM class or light appetizers other times.  I always do 3  in one week when I do them because it's easier when you already have it all ready.  I do Sunday 2-5 pm, Monday 10-1 pm and Wednesday  6:30-8:30 pm.


The first 2 I charge 30.00 per person; in March I increased to 45.00. As soon as I get a following I will up it to 60.00 for awhile.  I have already have ladies that come to each series.  May I am doing Mothers Day cookies.  


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