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Reply to "Important Reminder about Copying and Posting Characters without Permission"

Sil Quiroga *Homemade Cookies by Sil* posted:

Meanwhile I posted this, there are character cookies on queue for the top ten cookies my character cookies have gone through before.

The top 10 is determined by an automatic site algorithm determined by member views. Only if I were to delete every single character cookie on this site would they not come up in the top 10 at some point or another, and randomly deleting all such cookies would not be fair to those who possibly did get permission to post character cookies, right??

Please understand that it is not feasible for me to police every photo on this site for MANY reasons - there are not enough hours in the day, I cannot afford to hire someone to do it, and, even if I could, I have no way of knowing if someone is posting a character cookie legitimately. Perhaps they indeed got permission - the only way for me to know is to ask every single person who ever posted a character cookie to this site if they did, and I am not planning to do this.

I think we all have to agree that the enforcing of this rule is going to be imperfect at best, and that the only way it could be 100-percent enforceable is if everyone follows the rule to start. But we live in an imperfect world, and this is the best I can do! 

Again, I am sorry you were disappointed to be removed from the challenge, but I was just trying to enforce a rule that we've always had. Again, it is not an arbitrary rule of the site either; it is US copyright law.

Thank you!

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