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Reply to "Julia's Ongoing Stencil Clearance Sale!"

Icingsugarkeks posted:

Happy New Year !! @Julia M. Usher

I wanted to contact you again about the stencils because I just want them to get a feedback ..
I sent an email to '' on December 20, as suggested. (screenshot in the attachment)
I haven't got an answer so far and just think that it won't pay off for "confectioncouturestencils" or for me ...?!

My last order from a "non EU country" was huge in the shipping fees !! And then there were also 25 € customs fees!
Orders from France or England are quite acceptable for me in the shipping fees.

Maybe it results for example at some point in the future, to send from England, I would very much like to get back to your offer.

Wish a new great cookie year !!

Hi, @Icingsugarkeks - In the future, please email me privately with personal product or ordering matters. I don't like to handle them here in public forums for various reasons.

I actually followed up personally with Confection Couture Stencils on your behalf shortly after your first message, to ask them to look for your message and follow up speedily. They responded within 24 hours to me, and said they searched and never got an email from you. So that is why they did not respond; for some reason, they did not get this email. I just assumed you changed your mind and never emailed them. I typically don't get involved in the order-taking process, as I have no view into their systems, so I didn't take your matter further than this. Again, I just assumed you decided not to email them.

I can forward this info to them now (now that I know the email from which you sent it) and encourage them to answer straight away (though they are on holiday today). I'll copy you on this email.

You are right that international shipping costs can be high, so they will likely suggest placing a larger order, so that shipping costs are not such a large portion of the total order. But they may not be that bad, so perhaps you should just wait to hear from them first, once they get your initial email.

I also have a stencil distributor in the UK (The Cake Decorating Co.), so perhaps that is the better option for you. They ship all over Europe. The only downside is they do not carry my entire stencil line. Here's that website:

Sorry for the frustration experienced in trying to reach Confection Couture Stencils, but sometimes things do get lost in email, and that's what I think happened here.