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Reply to "Thank You and YouTube Hijacking Update"

iSugarfy (aka swissophie) posted:
Julia M. Usher posted:
Kanch J posted:

I am so happy to hear this dear Julia! finally your wonderful channel has restored. Many thanks to dear Sonja for all your support. 💜️💜️💜️

Oh, the channel isn't restored yet. It's just backed up, meaning the videos on it have all been downloaded to external drives (which is HUGE in and of itself, for sure). But the channel itself remains hijacked, and I am still working with YouTube to restore its ownership to me. The latter is the preferred course, because, if I can recover it with the videos already uploaded (with accumulated views on them) and most of my previous subscribers intact, I won't have the work of having to rebuild the channel from scratch. But, the backed up files are now mostly there, so if I HAD to rebuild in the worst case scenario, I could. 

I'm certain you will not need those videos, dear Julia, but at least they are safe now, and I hope you can sleep better . Just knowing that your nerves would be soothed a bit was worth my time. Plus I quite seem to lean toward a compulsive personality disorder, as I kind of like doing repetitive stuff like this .

Anyway, you will get your channel back!!!

Again, you have been a savior - I am SO grateful. Still wading backwards through today's email, so will respond to those I see from you there in an hour or more.