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Reply to "What Does Your Cookie Decorating Space Look Like?"

Oh Fun! I took an 8 X 6 room that our old heater occupied for 50 years. Here are pictures below as we fixed it up exclusively for Jinnee's Cookie Supplies ~ That's Me . It isn't my decorating space though. I decorate cookies at our island in the middle of our kitchen. I have a huge window and I can see company coming a mile down the road. I live on a dirt road on a farm. I love it. I'm so blessed.


Images (11)
  • Old Heater Room
  • Put cheap flooring on top of concrete
  • Put up inexpensive paneling
  • Three Drawer Sections: Bought these for cookie cutters
  • Drawer Size - Perfect!: Lightweight and interchangeable & not too deep.
  • New Ceiling Light: No Shawdows.
  • Moving Day!: Shelves Too!
  • Voila!: One side of the room
  • Nice: Other side of the room
  • Love It!
  • Happy Camper!
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