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Live Chat with Cynthia Raven, CookieCon 2019 Instructor

Cynthia's chat has officially begun!
Welcome, Cynthia! It's so great to have you chatting with us today!
JULIA - Thank you for hosting this chat. I'm very happy to be here.
Welcome to everyone joining us today! It's wonderful to have you here too! I just spent last weekend with Cynthia, and already know A LOT about her cookie decorating background, so I'll be relying on you extra heavily today to generate great questions for her. Please start teeing them up!
Before we dive into Q&A, just a few housekeeping notes for newbies to our chats: questions are answered in the order received, but they will not post to the public/viewable area of the chat until Cynthia reads and answers them. We'll work through questions that were logged in advance first; then start working on questions asked live during the chat. That said, please be patient and do not re-post the same question. It may take some time to answer your question, depending on where it sits in the queue. But I will personally make sure every question gets answered before we're through.
I've got a very slow connection today, so also be patient with me. Heavy snow may be the issue!
Also, please ask just one question at a time (per post); it's easier for our guests to keep up and others to read the chat transcript if they're not hit with too many questions at once. Thanks!
So, to start, I'd like to familiarize you all with some of Cynthia's gorgeous cookie work by sharing some of her recent photos. Here goes . . . her icing is alway so perfect, so we'll have to quiz her about that a bit later!
Some fall and winter cookie close-ups . . .
Another . . .
And another . . .
Just love her icing!
A striking birthday set . . .
And, last but not least (for now anyway), the amazing cookie project that she made for the special CookieCon 2018 calendar. She had the month of October . . .
Wowza, right?!
We're now going to move onto some questions we got in advance.
In the meantime, start teeing up your own questions for Cynthia, using the blue "Post" button at the bottom left of this chat window.
CYNTHIA: Perhaps you can start with some context for your cookie decorating . . . When and how did you get started in cookie decorating? And how are you participating in the cookie "business" now - i.e., selling cookies, teaching, and/or other??
Her answer is a long one, so I will pause for a while so you can all read it . . .
JULIA - I started in cookie decorating after seeing a cookie you had decorated! I had been making and decorating cakes for my daughters when they were younger, but when I saw your cookie - I thought - that is what I want to do! I bought your books and one of Autumn Carpenter's first books - and through trial and error learned so much! My children became very involved in their various activities and then the company for which I was working (I am over HR) doubled in size within a year, and my hobby business was put on the back burner. I made cookies for friends and family to keep up my skills . . . but then at the end of the year in 2016, I was missing cookies too much . . . Daughters had grown up and out of the house for a few years, so I dove back in. However this time, there were so many social media avenues, and I discovered an entire new cookie world . . . and met another cookie friend here in Kansas City, Sandra Segars, and she told me about CookieCon . . . and, well, it's been an amazing cookie journey ever since CookieCon 2017. Still working full time, I continued to take a few orders each month, and then after being asked to do a demo for a charity organization, I decided to try my hand at teaching classes, which I love. Later in 2017 I had several amazing opportunities come my way, including being asked by Ginny Levack to teach at one of her fabulous rehabs, the phenomenal opportunity to work with you at the Show Me Sweets event in St. Louis, and work with Michele Hester of SugarVeil to gain a better understanding of her product and to teach those classes as well. I am grateful to so many cookiers and mentors who have become wonderful friends, and who have taught me so much and supported and encouraged me. All of those things helped my business grow, and as a result, 2018 was cookie crazy! I made the decision to fulfill orders for which I was already committed through the end of 2018. However, for 2019, I do still have my day job, but in terms of cookieing - I am only teaching classes, creating, demoing at certain events, making cookies for my grandsons, and assisting you! One of my most favorite things!
Has everyone read it?
I love having you assist me too!
For those who don't know, Cynthia often helps me in my stencil station at shows . . .
We have such a good time Julia!
She's also assisting me with a BIG private event in Tampa in March where we'll be doing an interactive airbrush station for 50 kids!
Which is going to be super exciting!
She's an expert with the airbrush and stencils, so questions about those are most definitely fair game today!
Hi, there! I'm wondering if you use a dough sheeter to roll sugar cookie dough? If so, could you please recommend a brand/model. Thank you so much!
JANET L. - No, I do not use a dough sheeter. I use a rolling pin with rings on the ends. They are 3/8" size silicone rings.
What was your hardest cookies to decorate?
Always an interesting question!
CHRISTYT- I did a graduation set and agreed to a variety of designs, including the college logo, a swimmer, music/band design . . . and on and on . . . I had agreed to way too many different designs and colors. Lessons learned. But before I discovered stencils, logos were the most difficult for me - because they need to be exact!
Now we're onto live questions! Woo hoo! Bring 'em on!
Also excuse my typing. My keyboard is messed up and not always registering certain keys, like "s"s and "e"s, which are critical!
Do you make your own stencils, and if you do, by machine or hand? If machine, which machine.
So in live mode, Cynthia has to type in her answers, which can take a little more time. So please be patient.
Hello, this is my first time into a live chat, and I'm excited to be here Thanks ladies!
No....I do not make my own. I wish I had time to learn - but I have friends who teach that and sell them so feel very lucky that way!
Great to have you here, Heba!
I'm excited to be here too!
Who makes your stencils for you? Which friend? We are always happy to give shout-outs to awesome suppliers.
I'm thinking of Nancy . . . not my stencil line, BTW!
Nancy Westfall. Yes! The Colorful Cookie - she teaches people how to make their own and I am so grateful she is so kind to me!!!
We've got three good questions in the queue, no shortage. Just posting one at a time, so Cynthia has time to answer.
Hi ladies!
There she is! Hi, Nancy!
I love your Stencils of course Julia - but when I need something specific - she is the bomb!
Ok, since there seems to be a shortage of questions at this point: Air bubbles! I can't seem to avoid them. Any suggestions?
Hey Nancy!
Diana - I started using Lorann Merengue powder and I never have bubbles... I don't know....I think too in the past I might have overmixed which I think can cause air bubbles...but I really have no problem with them now.
You both are amazing! I learned to add salt to my RI, thanks to you, Cynthia! It made such a big difference! Watching you create is so much fun!
Why do you add salt, Cynthia? As a flavor enhancer, or some other reason?
Gee, I thought I was being really original adding salt!
Karyn - Thank You! That is so sweet! I'm glad a tip could help. I just think a little salt in the RI balances out the sweetness.
First I've heard of the salt, what does it do?
DIYDIVA - See answer above!
Agreed on balancing the sweetness. My customers seem to love the result.
How do you get your royal icing (RI) so perfect?
DIYDIVA - just maybe cuts the sweetness a bit...everyone really likes the flavor
I knew that question would be coming!
Christyt - Thank you! Such a nice compliment. I don't overmix - and again, I think the right merengue powder...and consistency....trickiest part!
It's added to other foods to enhance flavor, so I think it does the same thing in icing - as well as neutralize the sweetness as Cynthia said.
So, tell us . . . what's you're favorite decorating technique, and what tips do you have for mastering it?
I use the meringue powder from Michaels and don't have problems with bubbles, thankfully.
My favorite decorating technique is the details...tiny details... I love making tiny dots to look like something else... piping is my thing....favorite part!
I imagine the added stabilizers in meringue powder (corn starch and such) help keep bubbles from rising to the surface. I have more trouble with them, as I mix from scratch.
I love how you add different mediums/textures to add interest. Where do you get your ideas from?
Where do you find inspiration for your cookie designs? They are always so unique. I recognize your cookies anywhere.
Thank you Karyn. I love art....I am always looking at things in terms of how I could cookie that!
I've posted Nancy's question at the same time as Kayrn's as they are very related.
Anything to add to answer Nancy?
So I may see some photo or other art...and think how could I turn that into a cookie and what edible mediums would work.
Thanks Nancy.... I appreciate you. I love all kinds of art and follow non-cookie artists - and graphic designers who give me such good inspiration.
Can you give us an example of how you might use different mediums on a cookie to add interest?
How you bring that to life always amazes me.
Thanks Nancy.
Diana, I've got your question; just waiting to post 'til Cynthia tackles mine above.
Julia - I love using wafer can do so many different things with it...paint it, airbrush, cut, paper punch....and I love how it adds another dimension to make a design pop.
I like layering different types of RI too....I looooove making RI transfers!
Thanks! But what about wafer paper's flavor?
Do you think people actually eat it or take those decorations off?
ummmm - flavor....not so much lol. I always tell people it is edible, but they may want to pull it off
Diana's question is up next . . .
How many different designs do you like in a single set of cookies and how do you decide which designs?
I only use it as an accent
Got it! Thanks!
I take those decorations off. I want all cookie and royal icing😊 I love big cookies!
Hi, Karyn!
DIana - I have made mistakes in the past of agreeing to too many designs...and last year, I limited it to four or five different ones in a set of 24....And I'm very careful for classes now to not use too many different colors. Lessons learned...did a Halloween class and got over zealous and ended up having to make over 100 bags of icing for 12 people!
I like for everyone in class to have all their own bags and tools - and when you have about 7 colors...well, times 12...too many! LOL
Do you draw the cookie design out first, or have the design in your head and go from there? Yes, you are amazingly talented with creating your unique designs!
Wow! Thanks for sharing your Halloween story! Maybe we can learn more painlessly.
Guests on the chat, if you have experiences to add with any of the topics we are discussing, please feel free to do so. We all have different experiences from which we can learn.
Thank you again Karyn. I usually have an idea in my head and then do some sketches if it is something particularly my Christmas chair I did recently... but a lot of times, I just wing it and design as I go. Sometimes, the best designs are happy accidents!
Yes! Agree Julia!
Can you talk about how vibrant your royal icing colors are and how you achieve that? Sometimes getting the exact color is challenging.
Sure Nancy. When I am making vibrant colors...I make them the day before I am going to use them. I find that I can use less color and they true up to the level I need. I have also found...using for example a drop of brown in red, really richens and deepens it.
For newbie cookiers, what is your advice on what to work on first? Cookies, piping, deco?
Thanks, Nancy! That's a great question....
I also use ivory very often in all my color mixing...I have found that it adds depth to the colors.
I have found that the vibrancy of color depends on the quality/type you use. So far, I love using AmeriColor, but my most favorite to date so far are Artisan Accents.
Christyt - Cookies - tasty and flat - a good foundation is the best place to start on anything. And then of course the flooding. That has to be right or nothing will look good on top of it. At least that is my opinion. Getting that down is the key to a beautiful cookie.
Ivory- never thought of doing that. Thanks!
Thats is a good suggestion. I add white. Maybe I should try ivory? I think that helps release trapped air bubbles too by bringing them to the surface.
Heba- I agree. I do use mainly Americolor gels
I never thought of that Nancy...
Thanks for your tip, Heba. I haven't tried Artisan Accents. Where are they made, and do they just color more intensely with the same quantity of color?
Ah, I use the airbrush colors
I also have Pro-gels...but I like them better for painting on cookies...Angela Nino suggested that.
I haven't tried Arisan Accents either...
I have some CK colors as well...but specific ones. I think they have the best purple and teal.
Heba - For what do you use airbrush colors? In the icing? I have found they work in icing, but you need A LOT of it to get the same intensity as with a gel or liqua-gel, which are obviously much more concentrated.
They're (Artisan Accents) are from New Jersey. Tunde is using them for her colors in her pre-CookieCon class.
Artisan accents flavorings are great and I like their dilution solution too.
Your airbrushing is really wonderful! Any special techniques or suggestions to achieve your results?
Thanks Diana. I will have to try them
Julia, they have distributors everywhere and I use them in the icing, but since I'm also a caker, they're awesome to color fondant with or even buttercream and whipped cream. It takes such a small amount to get a good color, I find.
She is a master at the airbrush❤️
I do use airbrush colorings in my icing though at times - for instance, when I want an exact match of a color I airbrushed on top in royal icing accents. Just did this yesterday, in fact!
Diana..I learned from the best - Julia - slow and steady, and close. Patience.... Julia's stencils really helped me learned to be patient and with a light touch to be able to get in very small areas with different colors.
With the Artisan Accents colors, I use only a little of in comparison to the AmeriColor. If that makes sense
Yes, makes complete sense, Heba!
Sugarchat- Thanks.
I have seen her use lots of Jula’s Stencils and airbrush the smallest area and not get any under or overspray. I am always amazed!
Nancy - Thank you. Part of that too is a good flat nicely flooded cookie. If your flooding is not smooth, can leaves gaps with the stencil and which can result in underspray.
That is why I think it's super important to get the flooding right. Again...good foundation.
A lot of that control comes from my airbrush that I use. Not to get too technical, but it has a relatively small nozzle opening, and it's dual-action, which allows you to control coloring and airflow simultaneously. So it affords more control than single-action guns, which most cookiers use.
I always thought I needed to be farther away from the stencil until I watched Cindi airbrush.
Agree with Julia. Dual action has so much more control.
Um, sorry! Cynthia, thanks! First time on the chat and got a tad bit confused. Sorry everyone.
Don't know why you're apologizing, Diana. You've got some awesome questions. Keep 'em coming!
I am just starting out. How do you store your cookies before you distribute them without messing up the decorations?
Diana - I didn't see any confusion! great questions
Thanks, Julia and Cynthia!
More on airbrushing as Cynthia types . . .
Denise - I have sheet trays with lids - and keep them there until packaging. I individually bag each cookie and when packing in my boxes, line each layer with tiny bubble wrap.
Envision the spray pattern emanating from the gun. The further away you are from the cookie, the wider it is when it hits the cookie - that is partially why people get too much overspray. They are working way too far away.
Can you talk about color bleed? I have only had it once early in my decorating, and I don’t know why. I’ve never had it since then. It was summer and hot though. Have you ever experienced that?
Well said Julia. I started out that way and couldn't figure out why I was using so much color!
Nancy - yes....with red. I think it was because I added too much coloring to get it to the right level. That's why I started making it the night before. Setting overnight has eliminated that issue.
Ladies, are you decorating this weekend, and, if so, what is the theme?
Fun question. I'll pause for a bit so I can post everyone's responses.
Christyt - I am working on my sample set for my Valentines class next Saturday. Plus I am starting on my designs for my class at Cooke Con. Minis...very detailed minis
Theme is big impact in small spaces
As for me, I am prepping for a class in Kuwait in three weeks, so I'm making parts for the two cookie boxes we'll be putting together. I like to have some finished examples always on hand. I'm just flooding all the parts today.
I'm working on Easter samples.....
I started out far away too. I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I watched you 😊 make that all sound so simple lol
Ooh, I love minis! And some customers really adore them- guilt free cookies!
I love that theme, Cindy and can't wait to see your class at Cookie Con
Diana - exactly!
Not to be too mushy, just wanted to say thank you to all of you for being amazing and unselfishly sharing your talents, tips and tricks with us. I've watched a ton of videos and you all are so very motivating, sweet and kind. Thank you for helping me to be a better cookier! and for motivating me to try different techniques. Nothing says "I love you" more than a yummy decorated sugar cookie!
I will be baking today, and start Valentines Day cookie decorating tomorrow.
Jthomp - THANK YOU! I'm so excited and honored. Can't really explain how thrilled I am.
Awww Karyn...that's wonderful. I truly believe sharing is the best way to lift each other. I wouldn't have learned half of what I know without so many wonderful cookiers sharing their talents!
You are very welcome, Karyn. I love teaching first and foremost. And to help others learn, I feel one should never withhold his/her so-called "trade secrets".
Kuwait!! Wow! That is going to be an adventure Julia?
Ditto what Julia said
Yes, it's stressful though too - with the planning. Some language differences are making it unclear as to whether my prep notes have been understood on that end . . .
I am not decorating cookies, but designing some stencils for my CookieCon class.
Okay, back to questions in the queue . . . we have a few.
I am going to take them a bit out of order. Since we were last on the topic of airbrushing, I'm picking up with that.
Thanks ladies. You make it look so ballet, lol.
If holding the gun closer, should it be on a lower speed then? Ive had issues with color splatting out.
The language barrier would be hard.
It's tough, Nancy. I try to "screen" for it upfront and not take classes where it looks like it may be an issue (i.e., I can usually tell from a few emails, but sometimes not).
DIYDIVA - for me - it's a balance between air pressure and my finger on the gun. I don't like the pressure too low, but I also have to be really is practice and trying what works best with your compressor, gun and finger control.
Moreover, big ingredient differences from place to place. We can't use alcohol in Kuwait (not permitted in the country), so airbrushing metallics and cleaning guns is going to be more challenging!
Too....if you have ever watched Julia...she always starts off to the side first to gage the pressure and flow - I always do that now.
Oh my Julia....wasn't aware about the alcohol issue. How will you use metallics?
DIYDIVA - You can't have the compressor pressure much under 15-18 psi, or you won't have enough force to get an even spray pattern; it will be very speckled. So, as Cynthia said, you need to have the compressor set properly first; then pull back minimally on the trigger. Most of the control happens at the trigger.
I typically have my pressure at 22 psi.
They will allow me to use lemon extract (though it has alcohol in it - go figure!). So I am mixing all my metallic paints for airbrushing with luster dust and lemon extract. It covers cookies better than readymade metallics.
I'm going to extend the chat a few minutes so we can get to the remaining questions. Back in a sec.
Julia - great tip! Never thought of mixing with luster dust for the airbrush.
I don't think we'll need 30 minutes, but don't want the chat to time out on us. Back to others' questions . . .
I need to try lemon extract too. I have not yet.
Thank you, will have to figure out how to know the psi on my machine.
DIYDIVA - your machine won't say on it if it's one of those tiny makeup compressors. But if it's rated to 25 psi, chances are good it outputs far less, and you probably need to run it at medium to high, not low.
DIYDIVA - But you can test this. Just run up the pressure from low to high, until you get a nice fine, unspeckled spray.
Comment about Kuwait . . .
I never thought about their regulations. Interesting.
Wow! I've seen Julia doing that in videos and was just thinking of checking the color off to the side that way. But double checking the flow/pressure would help a lot. Thanks of pointing it out.
Thank you, Julia!
My airbrush guns don’t have a psi regulator that allows me to set it or see the number, anyway. I just adjust the dial for low or high. I may need to invest in one that lets me set it to an exact number. And dual action sounds like the way to go.
If you can’t use alcohol, what can you change it with?
Diana - yes...very helpful. I saw her do that and makes so much sense.
Lemon extract (though it has alcohol) is permitted there, because the alcohol content is relatively low in it.
Good thing that cookies are a universal language 😍
Thank you. How long are the cookies for if frosted with royal icing using liquid egg whites?
Denise - that's a Julia question....I have never made RI with egg whites...I'm sorry.
Aren't they though Nancy?
Once the egg whites set, the icing isn't really perishable. So shelf life is more a factor of the underlying cookie recipe that you use.
I am fairly new to cookie decorating. Do you find that people develop their own style of decorating as they develop their skills? I am personally attracted right now to all the embroidery and painting.
That’s good to know Julia! Thank you.
Sorry, got backed up on questions in the queue, because I was chatting too much myself. I am shutting up (for now) and focusing on getting back to the questions. We'll take the four left in the queue, and then we'll need to wrap up.
Beverly...Yes...I think what we gravitate towards and practice - definitely becomes ones own personal style. When I first started cookieing and seeing so many different things - I was kind of all over the map....but as I said earlier, I love piping - so details are my thing.
What cookie are you showing at our LIVE Party?
Nancy, what live party is this? Can you explain a bit to give others some context? Can they join this party too?
Nancy...the quiliting technique like I did on the back of that chair....with the buttons
Thanks, everyone! I have a 9 am meeting, so I have to sign off. This chat has been great. Thanks Julia and Cynthia for making yourselves available!
Thank you for your questions Diana and for being here!!
DIANA - Thanks for all of your terrific questions. Have a great day!
Cynthia - not sure if Nancy is still on. Can you explain what this live event is?
Nancy hosts a live webinar once a week for her club and there are so many cookiers here in KC - she occasionally has us demo during her lives. We are having one next Friday!
Sugarchat, thank you. I have noticed that many people seem to gravitate towards certain styles of work.
Where can we find info about her club?
She will post it and I believe it will be from her FB page so I think many people can watch. The Colorful Cookie is her biz name and if you go to her FB page I believe their is a link to her club
There is a question for me, so I will post and answer it while Cynthia answers the one above.
Julia, what do you think about the CK Products confectioner's glaze thinner which they confirm is kosher?
HEBA - I know nothing about it. Cynthia?
I’m sorry. My iPad ran out of battery.
No worries, NDW! Glad you are back!
I'm sorry - I don't know of this either....
Do any of you ever come up here to Canada for cookie conferences?
Beverly - I have not yet - but am certainly open to it!
NDW and others, our chat transcripts are always saved (under this same link), so if you missed anything, you can always come back and read the entire chat.
I was referring to the CK product regarding confectioners glaze in that I haven't heard of it.
Beverly - I'm not aware of any Canadian cookie conferences, or I would be open to them too. When and where are they? Please provide links if you have them.
When they first came out with it, they didn't have a Kosher version of it on the market yet, but soon after, they did and it was being sold at their authorized dealers, who also confirmed for me that it is Kosher, even with the alcohol ingredient in it. That would probably be a good alternative for painting, I assume.
Heba - sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out. Thank you.
HEBA - Got it; I've never heard of it, but the issue with airbrushing is not having enough alcohol in the colorings. If the coloring is mostly water-based, it doesn't dry as fast (or cover as well) and can be very spotty.
That would be fantastic! I am in Alberta in Western Canada, and I have never heard of these conferences up here.
Julia, I have never heard of any here so far.
Julia, perhaps we need to start something up here! ❤️
Beverly - A great idea! Though I am overcommitted at this point! We'll need to work on finding another organizer!
Thanks again, Heba!
This is great! This is my first chat. Cynthia, how do you balance cookie decorating and your full-time job? I am very passionate about cookie making but it did for a couple of years and got so burned out staying up really late and getting up really early! After some time off I want to get back into it again, but this time without burning myself out.
Thank you for answering about the party Cindi. It will be Friday, January 18 at 7 PM central standard time. We all get together and eat, visit, and provide live tutorials. Everyone is a cookier from Kansas City. That’s why they call it Kansas City cookier live Facebook party. Join us! It will be fun!
Great, thanks, Nancy! (Didn't register that NDW was you - duh?! But I was up til 4am this morning, so that's my excuse!)
I'm going to throw this out there but I think Florida should have an annual Cookie Fair/Conference. LOL. That would be awesome. Not only would alot of people from North and South America attend, I believe, but Miami/Orlando is an international port of entry and therefore a way to bring in international students/flights.
Amandaleb - Well.....I went without a lot of sleep last year LOL - which is why I am just now focusing on classes and demoing and creating. I love the cookies too much - and didn't want to get burned out - because it was rough. I know you understand that! I really enjoy teaching and coming up with new while I miss making people happy with orders....I had to do something that was manageable for me.
Heba - SoFlo is in Miami each year, and they have pretty great representation of cookies there, as well as cakes. It would be a hard show to compete with. Have you been?
The profile image of me is one my paintings. I love detailed work and would like to know how you get ideas, especially in piping.
You're welcome ladies, I hope it's something you can integrate into your classes.
Thank you Julia! My club link is
Great! Thanks, Nancy (aka NDW)!
Julia, sounds good to me! I have no idea what is involved in this type of thing though, in getting a conference set up.
Beverly - Nor do I, nor do I want to! I prefer to attend them and run cookie competitions at them!
Yes, I've been to SoFlo but it is mostly cakes and such, however, what I had imagined would be 100% cookies only. Like CookieCon is but only difference being in that it is fixed in FL each year, so perhaps there would be TWO yearly cookie conventions (one that is fixed in FL and one that travels the US) Too much??
Beverly - Love that image! I just try to imagine how something beautiful or creative that I see, can be transformed into a cookie. I have said this to friends, but I think in cookies all the time. I was at a restaurant once and loved the ceiling tiles...became my mission to figure out how to replicate in RI!
I say this too...cookie artists are artists. RI is our medium!
Heba - I don't know what's too much, as I don't do any large event planning. But for me, just getting to CookieCon once a year is hard enough. I also prefer more diverse shows for vending and for fostering the creative spillover of ideas from one category (i.e., cookies) to the next (i.e., cakes).
I follow on IG a lot of painters....I find their techniques and work so inspiring - and most things can be translated into out medium of RI...using different consistencies and tools.
Heba - There is actually a fairly developed cookie competition at SoFlo, and a number of great cookie decorators teach there. It's one of my fave shows, because I also get to learn from other types of decorators.
I do too, Julia It's alot of work and alot to plan for.
That's what makes it more challenging for me. Im not an artist.
Julia, LoL! Yes, I hear you. i have been involved at one time in setting up big events. There is a lot involved. I would prefer to attend to learn new things!
Sorry, backed up on your comments. I think this one was in reference to having two cookie shows 6 months apart . . .
6 months apart
I agree with you, Julia, about SoFlo.
Sugarchat, thank you! My cookies are not as detailed as my paintings, but I naturally desire to keep doing more and getting ideas from people like you and Julia. Julia’s work inspired me to start this decorating while I was in recovery from surgery. I am so happy I discovered her YouTube tutorials, by accident!
Thanks so much, Beverly! So sweet of you to say, and I'm glad my videos have been helpful.
Any more questions for our uber-talented Cynthia today?
DIYDIVA - I can understand what you mean..but I think looking at other mediums can inspire us to create something that works for us...and practice. I have had great ideas that didn't pan out LOL - and then I've had not so great ideas that turned into something pretty cool. as I said...happy accidents
This chat has been a lively one, thanks to everyone jumping in with questions and comments. I REALLY appreciate your participation!
Me too!! Thank you Julia and everyone in here! I appreciate the cookie love!
Yes, DIYDIVA, and, remember, few of us show our accidents on social media. You just see the best work. So don't get discouraged and keep practicing!
No, I'm good, thank you Thanks for your time and input, ladies.
Julia, thank YOU! Yes, they are wonderful and since I am still new to decorating, I review them over and over. The information eventually stays in my head, lol!
I have done drawings of little fairy girls, and wondered how I could use them. Ideas?
Beverly..already picturing fairy girls.....watercolor style outlined with edible markers...
We'll make Bev's question our last one, as Kuwait prep beckons. I also have to chat with Cynthia about our event in Tampa right after this chat!
Sugar Chat, i am finding myself doing that. And will hopeful start to become more of artist.
Thank you Cindi! You know I love your work! You are very talented! And thank you Julia for hosting! Both of you are very inspiring to so many. I love a good chat 😍
I was going to have them made into rubber stamps for crafters, but decided against that. I don’t want to get into distribution. I just want to find a way to use them in cookie decorating.
Well, Beverly, you could make them into stamps and stamp them on your cookies! I love rubber-stamping on cookies!
Thank you Nancy!!!
I love rubberstamping too! Learned that from Julia as well :
Before the chat checks out on us, thank you to Cynthia for taking time out of her weekend to chat with us! You're going to love her demo at CookieCon!
And thanks to all for your wonderful questions! Have a great weekend, everyone!
Thank you for your time, ladies!
Thanks so much to everyone. Thank you Julia for being such an amazing role model to us all!!
My pleasure, DIYDIVA. Keep on decorating!
So sweet, Cynthia! XOXO Love you too!
Have a great weekend everyone! Hope to see/meet you soon!
I'm closing the chat before it closes on us!
Sugarchat, thank you. I will try that. They are very cute. I wish I could show you them here, it maybe my cookies will show them at some time.👍😊
'Til next chat, live sweetly, as I like to say!
This chat has ended.
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