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CookieCon 2018

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

CookieCon 2018

Just in! The year's most exciting cookie convention and art show, CookieCon, will be held from September 12-15, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

We'll be posting more event details here as they come in from the organizers. In the meantime, please check out the CookieCon Facebook page for regular updates.

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pip posted:

So it's going to be yearly and in a new place each year?

Yes, my understanding is that Karen and Mike are getting out of their retail sales business to focus on their event business - CookieCon - which will probably mean more frequent, annual events (rather than every 18 months) that rotate through different places. I had an email conversation with Karen a few months ago, and this was at least the plan at that time.

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Nini's Cakes on the Side posted:

I'm hoping to attend next year, how does the event go, how soon will classes be posted?  is there a designated hotel?

Yes, there is always a designated hotel, but I have no idea about the event details (such as when things will be announced), as this site has nothing to do with the organization of the event. You should direct questions about class postings, hotel, and other details to the CookieCon organizers on their Facebook page. The link is provided above. Also, check out the CookieCon website to get a sense of the flow of last year's event; the flow has been pretty similar from year to year.

Theresa McKibbin posted:

when can we purchase tickets for Cookie Con 2018?

Please ask the organizers of this event. We do not organize it; we just advertise it. The link to their Facebook page is in the post above. I believe you can reach them there or google CookieCon. Thanks.

Gloria Curry posted:

Where will the convention be held in 2019?

Yes, Reno at the Peppermill Resort. They just announced the dates and venue. Here's all the info I know about it now: https://cookieconnection.julia...event/cookiecon-2019

Best to stay updated though by following their site, as I only post their information here secondhand as I happen to hear about it.

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