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Manu biscotti decorati

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Last year (2014) an American friend, Rachel, invited me to a Christmas Cookie Exchange. Searching the internet for recipes I found instead ideas and inspiration...
This is how this "cookie bug" started to take place.
One year later, with a kid off to college, a junior busy studying and quitting volley, and husband travelling a lot, I had lot of time just for myself. I discovered the world of cookie decorators and followed their tips and tutorials. I started to decorate cookies with royal icing and I liked it, I find it relaxing. I still have a lot to learn, but so far it is so much fun!

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Every view, like and comment received here is a great reward and a nice memory. So it is the first badge recognition received and all the other ones. They are milestones in my cookie journey. This is why I have displayed them below, in the "stuff I love".

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