Julia at the ANCDA 20th National Seminar in Australia

Preston, Australia

Join Julia at the Australian National Cake Decorators Association (ANCDA) 20th National Seminar in Preston, Australia on August 14-18, 2019. (Preston is a suburb of Melbourne, BTW.) Julia will be teaching two different projects (one stenciled 2-D cookie and one 3-D construction, TBD) over the course of three days. You'll also get to take classes from several other world class sugar artists (including Dorothy Klerck and Serdar Yener), attend a welcome cocktail party with said artists, and enjoy a "mystery day out" to a surprise venue.

For more information, registration, and pricing, visit the event's Facebook page. Or go directly to the event reg form here.


Mantra Bell City, 215 Bell Street, Preston, Australia

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