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Hi, my name is Christine. When my daughter received a cupcake maker for Christmas 2012, I decided to search online for "amazing cupcakes." That search led me to some amazing cookies, and, like many cookiers, I was instantly hooked. After spending countless hours online learning all that I could about cookie decorating, I decorated my first set in October 2012. I decorated cookies only sporadically until January 2016, when I decided that I would start to perfect my skills and build a portfolio. Art has always been one of my favourite subjects, so cookies are my way of combining a love of art with a love for sweets!




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Ira Glass on the Creative Process from Storytelling, Part 3 - https://vimeo.com/24715531

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Being featured on Cookie Connection's "Rising Star Series" live chat and being featured in Cake Central Magazine (Vol. 7/Iss. 5), and anytime my work is featured or shared on social media, but especially when people have taken the time to personally tell me how much they admire my work.

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140 over three days

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3 days

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Pictures of things that make Sweet Prodigy happy.

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