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Anyone Ever Hired a (Cookie) Photographer?

I am starting to think I want to hire a photographer for cookies. There are a lot of situations where that wouldn't be very convenient, but it's starting to occur to me that if I save four or five art cookies to photograph at once, it might make it worthwhile. Assuming I can afford it (I'm not assuming I can, hah).

I just don't have a good camera – don't even have a good phone camera – am not a professional. After three/four years of photographing cookies, I'm not sure I'm *that* much better at it or even really interested in getting better at it. I'm reasonably good at basic Photoshop work because of other job skills, and would have been lost without that, actually, but all that ever does is save my so-so photos and make them . . . eh. Ok.

I need great photos. Especially because this is the only record of my work. I kind of love that cookies disappear fast, either eaten or thrown away, but not having a great photo ruins that. It's becoming stressful instead, ruining the fun. Anyhow, I feel like I know at this point that I do not enjoy the photography part of the process. (Graphics/design/marketing are a different animal in my eyes.)


• Anyone ever hired a photographer? Was it just too laughably expensive to consider? Did it work at all for you?

• Or (alternately) Did anyone ever buy a camera or buy a phone with a camera that changed your feelings about cookie photography/gave you a foolproof tool that took photography stress away? I have done a fair amount of research about cameras, but never invested in one, in part, again -- because I just don't think I care that much about it all.

Thanks for any help. I think this post is functioning as a bit of a vent as well. I was outside yesterday trying to hold up cardboard with one hand while I took photos (with the other) in the indirect sun and as per usual . . . all the results were pretty eh. Heh. 
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(I did some searching to see if my question was covered as a discrete topic on the forums and didn't find anything; if this has been covered elsewhere, [my apologies and] please let me know!)

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