Bakery Software

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and Baking It to you guys.

We are passionate about baking and wanted to make business owners lives a lot easier.

I won't fill this section with a long explanation of who we are and what we do; if you are intrigued you can find that out for yourself. 

We have just launched a new software platform:

Some of its key features include:

Design and Cost Cakes & Bakes with an integrated Quote and Order management platform, and all the things in between!

Send professional Quotes to your clients via email with your business terms, cake sketches and slicing guides attached.

Order Management System with acknowledgement forms & Business Insights.

Not to mention being able to store all your recipes and create your shopping lists all in one place.

We are a friendly bunch over here at, try our free trial and get in touch with any questions or comments you may have.

Happy Baking guys. 

Kate from Baking It.

Full disclosure - I am the Customer Success Champion from Baking It. If you need any help with our software get in touch via the website. We look forward to seeing you over at Baking It

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