Reply to "Bakery Software"

Hi Julia,

Thank you for your question.

The software works with any bakes. 

In our Kitchen section you can make a list of all your ingredients, expenses and equipment. This also generates shopping lists for you when you are running low on the essentials.

Over to recipes, we have a section for cookies. So you can keep a record of all your most used cookie recipes and any new ones you develop, along with costings for each recipe. There is also a separate area for icings and frostings; if you have any specific recipes for those.

In our bakery section again we have a section for cookies. This is where you can cost up specific order enquiries. 

In our business section you can keep up to date on all your tasks, orders and contacts. The software enables you to directly email customer quotes, updates, payment terms etc.

Finally we have an insights section which will keep track of your monthly income and outgoings and give you an overall view of this business.

I hope this helps, but do pop over and have a look around the website.

Kate -Baking It.