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Reply to "Christmas Cookies Needed"

Originally Posted by Joanna (Cookie Mojo):

Hi all! If you are a cookie decorator and living in Toronto, and you'd like to make some extra money this Christmas, I know of a reputable high-end bakery that would like to sell some beautiful flooded cookies. My niece is one of the owners, and she asked me to bake/decorate for them, but I'm too busy, so I promised I'd pass it along. The bakery is Bakeryhuas and you can check out their website here:  If you are interested, feel free to PM me!

Hi Joanna, I just saw your message for your sister's bakery.  I live in Toronto as well and I have a few orders I'm doing but I'm not overwhelmed at all. I could definitely provide Christmas cookies for your sister's shop.  It would help me as well and would be a great experience for me.  My ETSY page is:


You can call or text or just email me if you would like.  My business is Sweet Lavender Cakes... My facebook page is:


My webpage is being redone and will be launched in 1 week. 


Thanks for the opportunity.



647-740-9510 (may be down for the week my page is down)