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Reply to "Cookie Pricing Diagram"

Originally Posted by Julia M. Usher:

Les Delices de Plume - Would you say your chart is representative of a relatively simple or a relatively complex decorated cookie? Just curious, because labor is such a huge swing factor. What's the average time in one of your cookies? and what's the going labor rate there?


I wish I had more specifics of my own to share but it's been a long while since I priced a cookie for sale. 

This is the price of a "medium" complicated cookie like this one for example:




gateau anniv2

For this type of cookie, I count 3 minutes of decorating time, plus baking, wraping and so on.

Here in France the minimum labor rate is of 7,39 €/9,97 $ an hour once the social contributions are paid, but my goal isn't to pay myself minimum wages, of course.


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