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Reply to "Important Reminder about Copying and Posting Characters without Permission"

Certainly, when I first started posting, it was because I saw so much character cookies posted everwhere and so lovely, so nice and perfect that I decided to do that type of cookies myself, really inspired in this page.

I took  courage and posted them anyway as everybody does. Now I was eliminated from a challenge and that was really frustrating.

After this advice: I have erased all of my character cookies from the page, a video and my first 2 tutorials I was so happy of! 

Really  I got very frustrated about being taken out from the challenge and later on, was surprised to see character cookies displayed in:

- previous challenges 

- featured cookies 

- tons of character cookies posted to the page

I sincerely felt this was unfair.  I understand they are rules we all agreed with, but  this rule isn´t exactly running in the site and we invested precious time in these cookies and creations we were so excited about. At least, although in the end, this was sad and frustrating, I have made such a wonderful path together with my nearby and far distance in kms Cookie-friend.

After this has happened, I recommend users to do the same cleanup as there are tons of character cookies displayed and this rule if needed, runs for everyone.

Don´t you think it this way? Thanks for reading,