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Reply to "Important Reminder about Copying and Posting Characters without Permission"

doctorcookies posted:

Read and understood, the rule is pretty clear.

So, I understand it's not possible to post ANY character cookie (including Disney) if there is not permission for it. Even if the author of the cookies has not profit with it. Is this correct?

 Thank you very much,


This is correct. The site rules say do not post ANY copies of ANY artwork (characters or any other source inspiration of any form) that is not yours or known to be in the public domain without seeking permission first and then properly attributing. (This is all explained in the link I posted above.)

The issue here is that this rule is very tough for me to enforce, because people do not follow it each day, I cannot always tell if an image was copied (some people copy more obscure artwork than others), and I do not know if they received permission to post it unless they say or I ask. So some apparent inequities have occurred, because I cannot monitor all cookies posted to this site. All I can say is I am trying to do my best, and I hope that people will help me out by trying to do the same. Thanks!

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