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Reply to "Linked Heart Cookies - How Done?"

@Sylvianne posted:

Ohh now I get it @Icingsugarkeks.  Lol. That is a good idea to use paper to explain.

Julia, the comments on TheSweetTiers had ended with someone asking about a tutorial and the responses ended there so I took it to mean that perhaps they weren’t inclined to divulge their technique.  True, it is more efficient and direct to contact them. But I considered the 5 year time delay too.  Will do next time.

Thanks for both of you and your quick responses. I’m going to try this just for the fun.

Oh, I'm curious! Will you show it when it's done ??
Perhaps another tip:
I think the cookies should be quite large, but thin, and the hole in the middle should also be quite large, so that the cookies that are connected later have a certain leeway.
This is how it could work. @Sylvianne