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Reply to "What's the Best Airbrush to Get?"

Jennifer Berry posted:

I know this is an old thread but hopefully someone sees this! LOL. I have never airbrushed cookies before but really want to start learning. I see all these cookie/cake decorating airbrush kits with little tiny compressors but if I already have an air compressor (it's much larger at 6 gallons) can I just buy extensions to use in order to use it for airbrushing? I hope that makes sense. Sorry if it is a dumb question. TIA!

Suzabell posted:

Hi Jennifer, I just took an airbrushing class w/ Creative Cookier (amazing!!!). Anyway, that size compressor would send your cookies flying across the room. You really need a smaller compressor, one that doesn't go higher than 15psi.  Hope that helps!!


Julia,  Glad to see your update re the release of your airbrush.  Since it's your research and design, it will probably be the best on the market.  

I'm not even close to needing an airbrush, but I want an airbrush. Gotta sell a lot of cookies first, and by then I should be ready for one. 


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