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Reply to "Posting Images - Please Read Before You Post!"

Icingsugarkeks posted:

Hello all, I apologize a lot, I am ashamed to ask this question, because it's been sooo described many times, and I've also read, but I just can not ... The German translation, unfortunately, does not help me a lot here , I tried to take a picture of my wall public before yesterday the day. I groped to the point: "Clip"> "All Set"! What exactly did you do in "All sets" ??? I have selected and clicked the sentence in question, then I copied the name (Christmas cookies) at the top of the line and added in "Subject" on my picture and "Title". The image also shows the name (no number - series).Also, I filled all day and I assure you that I updated !!! It does not work. Copy the URL instead of the name Do I have? The translation is here twice as hard for me. I apologize for my stupidity 1000 times ...
I'm grateful for every answer !!

I am not sure what you're trying to do based on your description. But if you are trying to post a photo into our home page photo feeds/"Clips" section, they get posted from any page of the site using the big "Post" button in the upper right (on standard laptop views; see screenshot). Just hit "Post"; select "Clip" in the dropdown menu, and then follow the prompts (and our "Site Posting Guidelines"; link at the top of the "Clips" page under "Please Read Before Posting") when posting photos.

On mobile devices, the "Post" feature can be found in the upper left of the site under the "hamburger" icon (three stacked lines). This is typically where menus are located on most sites when viewed on mobile devices.

In all cases, you must be logged into the site to see the "Post" feature.

Hope this helps.

Standard laptop view of "Post" feature on home page:

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 9.32.21 AM


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  • Standard Laptop View of "Post" Feature: Screenshot from Cookie Connection