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To Facebook or Not to Facebook?

Hi there!


An idea is forming in my mind to make more of cookies than a mere hobby, and what I am after is giving classes. I studied to be a teacher in my youth and generally enjoy showing stuff to other people, I guess I could manage that. So far, so good. But this approach requests that I get more commonly known to more people here in Germany.


The first option to reach that goal would be a blog, but after spending several hours researching this topic I am now sure that I am neither skilled enough in that direction nor feel the slightest inclination of changing that (I am NOT interested in anything to do with computers, I only use them and that’s it. Period!). For the same reason doing videos is at least at the moment out of the question. I am a total dummy with technics, and this goes for all people I know.


Facebook would be the second option, that a lot of people seem to use. It also is easy in the handling for dummies. 2 things which clearly point in that direction. BUT (in very capital letters), I had an account there once and deleted it like 4 years ago. That was hard enough as they truly are more than reluctant to let you go again after they have grabbed you tightly in their many tentacles. Especially in the light of the recent new guidelines, which give them almost total control over all your data, making movement profiles, using info from all your other devices (even if not directly added to facebook) to monitor every virtual and non-virtual step you take, I am loath to try that site again. Maybe we Germans are a bit paranoid when it comes to our personal data, but the behavior of that company becomes more and more like Orwell and scares me quite a bit.


How do you think about this? Are you still feeling comfy using facebook, is there a way to prevent them collecting too much data about you? Or do you know about a suitable alternative (not Twitter, please, as this is just facebook by a different name)? My researches let me stumble over “Ello”, “Diaspora”, and “Google+”. The first 2 are very small and also seem again to require some technical / PC background. The latter seeming to be facebook only hosted by a different big brother behind it. But maybe there are other ways I am not aware of.


Would love to get your opinions on this matter!


Thanks in advance


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