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Two Cookie Connection Members on Food Network!

Hi, all! Some exciting news just in from Cookie Connection member, @Chua Cookie.

Arlene writes:

"So excited to announce that I'll be appearing in Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge! I cookiefied the judges! . . . Tune in on Monday, November 6, at 10 PM EST! Watch as I compete against my baking buddies, including one of my cookie idols, Aime from The Painted Pastry. Two Cookie Connection members will be in the premiere episode. (Hint: And perhaps others in the upcoming episodes.) Help cheer us on! XOXO, Arlene Chua (Chua Cookie)"

Congrats to Arlene and Aime! I'll be sure to watch. Also, to see Arlene's cookie version of the Food Network judges, click here.



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  • Contestants and Judges in Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge: Photo Courtesy of Food Network via Arlene Chua
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