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Reply to "What's Your Favorite Meringue Powder and Why?"

Henry and Henry was my favorite bulk meringue powder. I always had great results. I have tried CK, Americolor, Wilton and Creative Cookiers meringue. 

It has been frustrating finding the same consistency I got with Henry and Henry. Plus, they all seem to take longer to dry than Henry and Henry or Wilton. I do like the flavor of these brands but I don’t like the drying time. 

I also do not use corn syrup or a glacé icing. 

When using Henry and Henry I used:

5 Tablespoons 

2/3 to 3/4 cups of water depending on humidity 

2 pounds of powdered sugar

any suggestions to get a fluffy white icing that is not like toothpaste consistency starting out more like Henry and Henry or Wilton with these other brands?