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150 Cookies for Food Distribution

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This week I decided to be a bit preachy with the cookie distribution. In addition to wishing everyone a safe and productive back to school, I reminded them that pencils should also be used for filling out the census and requesting a mail-in ballot.  I know cookies are supposed to bring only happiness but it would make ME extremely happy if everyone voted and filled out their census! (I understand these are issues specific to the United States – my apologies to everyone located elsewhere.)

In any case, I am actually more pleased with the cookies than I thought I would be.  I realize they’re generic but the squatness of them makes them kind of cute.  Royal icing transfers were again the star.  Both the eraser top and the exposed wood and tip are transfers.  It meant I only had to attach the pieces and pipe the vertical lines.  I did have some bleed with the metal piece – something I thought might happen but time wise was unable to prevent.  The vertical line piping is also a bit messy.  That’s totally my fault.  I was distracted, preoccupied and interrupted throughout the process. Some of that was also my fault but the majority was my husband’s fault. The dogs also played a role. Oof. Don’t get me started…. But we all lived to tell about it, no one got hurt, the cookies got finished and my husband is delivering them as I type. Not surprisingly, the dogs are again barking at absolutely nothing.  Happy weekend!!😂😂

This team work is amazing, even with the dogs!!!

Great gift, once again!!! Congratulations for pursuing your aim with love and determination, dear Lisa!🥰

Thank you dear Heather. The four legged boys thank you too! 😘❤️

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