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Hi, Elisa! Wonderful house! Very elegant and well-constructed!

Just one posting reminder: We generally don't allow more than three views of the same cookie in the home page feeds, just so that no one person's photos dominate them.  If you have multiple views to share, what we recommend is to post the one main one and then to add the different angles/views as attachments in the comments under the main one. Thanks!

I look forward to more beautiful posts like this one from you.

Also, out of curiosity, I am wondering how the roof pattern was applied? It almost looks stenciled, but then it appears folded along the edges so I was wondering if some other medium was applied. We're all about learning in this community, so be prepared for more questions!

The roof pattern is just the wet on wet technique. First white and then the brown lines made manually by piping

Great - it looks so neat! Also, be sure to include your images in clip sets that also reflect the key techniques used - that way, people can more easily figure out what was done. I've adjusted the clip sets and tags on this image for you as an example.

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